Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 127


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Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee

USBrit and Lingo

West Chicago, IL

Description: Pub chat from The Brit and Yankee located somewhere in Chicagoland

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Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 127

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"The lads are back in the pub discussing this and that, and trying some ciders from the Angry Orchard. Lingo tells us about his brush with greatness. We're counting down to a slight hiatus, but we'll be back with one more soon..."

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Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 126_Part2

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"As the sun sinks slowly and slurrily on our Brewbus motley crew, we visit Urban Legend and discover a hidden beer gem in their cream ale. Then it's off for smoked chicken wings and beer at Hopvine, where we try to convert a participant from Bass Ale without success. That said, the Brewbus trip ov...

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 126_Part1

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"Our Chicago Brewbus tour takes us out an about with a motley crew of craft beer experts and craft beer virgins to discover 4 of Chicagolands new breweries. In Part 1 we visit Penrose in Geneva, and Church Street in Itasca. USBrit and Mark Naski are your tour guides."...

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 125

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"Out and about at craft beer bars in the Chicagoland area, USBrit and guest Ed Seaman visit The House in St. Charles and discuss their beer selection. Then we're back at John's Tavern in Winfield to taste a local draft from Temperance, and a special summer edition of Stone's Smoked Porter with Chip...

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 124

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"On this show we visit the center of Home Brewing in St. Charles, IL, and speak with Ed Seaman and his son about what it takes to start brewing your own beer. Who knows...maybe the next big craft brewer will begin this way! Join USBrit and see how easy it is to make 5 gallons of delicious beverage!...

Pubcast from The Brit and Yankee-Show 123

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"Another meetup with Mark Naski, and this time we reviewing sample packs, and specifically one from Red Hook Brewery. Mark also brings us tales of German brewers with a report from his recent trip to Germany. And finally, we are attacked by Zombie Gnomes...check it out and see if we survive!"...

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