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TMPS56 – Happy Birthday DevilDogs


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TMPS56 – Happy Birthday DevilDogs

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A couple technical problems at the beginning…. we did a live remote the night before, and I forgot to reset the settings… cleared up pretty quick, although you’ll hear the change during the intro :)

Once again… 3 weeks in a row… the band didn’t show. What can you do. We don’t pay them to come on :) We celebrated the 237th Marine Corps Birthday by playing the Marines Hymn at the beginning, and also downing a bottle of Jarhead Red. You can get some yourself at Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation with provides educational assistance to the children of fallen Marines.

Other than that, ButtRockBetty and JennieK from eXXXotica to talk about chocolate vaginas and suckers shaped like dicks (cocksuckers… get it?). We also talked to Jason from Lost In the Corn and also TRIED to talk to P-Rock from The Red Show, but either his our our internet couldn’t handle it.

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