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Regrets About Your Photography? If You Could Change Anything…


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Polarizing Images

Rob, Tony, and Rick

Chicago and Melbourne

Description: Three guys talking about the art and philosophy of photography

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Regrets About Your Photography? If You Could Change Anything…

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Polarizing Images - Three Guys Discussing the Philosophy of Photography

Do You Have Regrets About Your Photography?

We regret nothing! That’s a crock of shit, yes we do! Okay, maybe this isn’t so much about regrets but, knowing what we do now about the photography industry, if we could go back 10 years, what would we do differently?

A slow start as we have to do a debrief on Tony’s trip and we have a hard time focusing (don’t worry, it’s just the booze talking) but we eventually get down to an excellent discussion about what we wish we could go back in time and what choices we made that we’d like to do over. We’re typically in agreement that we all wish we had adopted a digital workflow a lot earlier.

To sum it up, Rob wishes he had gotten into digital earlier, Tony wishes he had learned Photoshop earlier, and Rick wishes he had learned to drink Negronis a lot earlier. But we might be wrong about that. One thing for sure, Rick doesn’t regret his lack of use of social media!

How about you? If you could go back and change any choices you made, what would they be? Let us know!

Our Artist of the Fortnight

Tonight, Rick introduces us to Cindy Sherman, well known for her self-portraits. But don’t dismiss that, she’s an original and they are not the kind of self-portrait that you’re likely thinking of! Some absolutely amazing work but to fully appreciate some of her pieces, you’ll need to get used to her style first. Go ahead and do that, though, it’s worth it.

Tony (surprise, surprise) chooses another musical group. This time, he takes a band from Akron, OH, the Black Keys.

Regrets About Your Photography? If You Could Change Anything…

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