School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

David Jackson

Description: Featuring tips and insights into podcasting, as well as interviews with those involved with Podcast related products.

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Free Listener Feedback Tool & Business Podcasting Tips

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SpeakPipe ( is a new service currently in Beta that lets visitors to your site who have a microphone leave a comment in two clicks. You then receive an email (if you want) stating that you've got a message along with the name of the caller, and a direct link to the voicemail...

Can Podcasting Make Your Dreams Come True? YES!

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Today I'm breaking format. You know what's cool about this? I CAN! It's MY show and I decide what is acceptable. Today I'm sharing one episode between two of my podcasts The Morning Announcements, and the Power of Podcasting. In today's show I talk about Cliff Ravenscraft ( who no...

Troubleshooting Your Podcast

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While I help a lot of people start their podcasts with people goingthrough our step by step tutorials, I do most of my consulting ( with people who have not, and I need to troubleshoot what has gone wrong iwth their podcast. As a corpora...

Looking Deeper Into Podcast Promotion

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I've said in the past that Podcast promotion can be boiled down to "find your audience and tell them about your podcast." If we look at Christianity, it used this principle. Jesus would find his audience (tax collectors were seen as the scum of the earth - his target market), he go to know them (He...

Finding Topics To Podcast – ASK!

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Today I answer questions from the listeners:

1. How do you find topics to talk about?

2. How are people promoting their podcast?

3. Should I start 1 podcast with multiple topics, or multipel topcis with one podcast?...

Behind the Scenes of Radio – Podcasting Questions

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Today I answer some questions about the Blue Snowball (, as well as the two mind sets of starting a podcast. There is paralysis by analysis and on the other end of the spectrum you have the person who is starting to record before they know what to sa...

Podcasting Year in Review

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Today I want to take a quick second just to say thank you for listening. One of the greatest things about podcasting is not the money it brings me but the firends I acquire. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I explain how you can't let a noisey enviornment stop you from podcasting by taki...

I’ve Got My Podcast Idea – Now What?

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In the past I've talked about the 27 steps to get your podcast into iTunes. Today we are going to slightly resist that, as I have some people who have their equipment, they have their topic, but they are not sure how to start...

Behind The Scenes of a Podcasting Membership Site

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Every once in a while I get someone who wants to know how I created the School of Podcasting.  How I created it back in 2005 is not how I would create it today. I'll explain that when I get to it, but I thought today I would share the tools and insights into building a podcast that uses the "freemi...

Keeping To Your Publishing Schedule & Podcast Numbers

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The holidays are upon us. How will you meet all those family obligations and still meet your publishing schedule? I've got a trick for you as I prepare to move to a new location. You can record multiple podcast episodes and then time release them so you can attend to your other holiday duties while...

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