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Get More Traffic to Your Podcast with SEO Expert Marcus Couch


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School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

David Jackson

Rocky River, Oh

Description: Featuring tips and insights into podcasting, as well as interviews with those involved with Podcast related products.

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Get More Traffic to Your Podcast with SEO Expert Marcus Couch

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We all want to grow our audience. One way to do that is to bring people to your website, let them click the play button (you do have a play button right) and get them hooked by your awesome content. This sounds great. Now lets go back to that first step of bringing people to your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and today Marcus Couch walks us through some strategies that will get you more traffic without “tricking” the search engines.

Marcus Couch was one of the original music podcasters and has been recognized as one of the top experts in regards to earning money with your podcast by getting more traffic. Back in the days of Podshow (now Mevio), Marcus was in a contest with Adam Curry, Cali Lewis, Gillian Smith, Dawn and Drew, and he beat them with a considerable margin. Yes he even beat the top rated podcast at the time. He did this through SEO. He later became the of

Marcus’s is a co-host at The Daily Plugin.

Marcus explains how he grew his audience, and more importantly his influence by “getting in the trenches” with his target audience, networking with them, helping them, and becoming a resource for his community. He explains how Google looks at how long your audience stays on your page. This is one of the reasons you want to have good show notes, but more importantly why you want a player so people can click and listen (thus keeping them on your page).

Always have a goal when writing a blog post, and realize that trying to “trick” the search engines takes just as much time as doing it correctly. With this in mind, why not do things correctly and avoid the potential of being blocked by Google.

For more information, or to work with Marcus go to

Favorite Sites and Tools

Builder Theme


Search Engine Land

Marketing Land

Social Media Examiner

Here are some topics covered:
What SEO Plugin should you use?
What about permalinks?
Having a long term plan for your podcast
Positioning yourself as an expert.

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One last thing about this podcast, it was slated to come out a few weeks ago (so the good news is my wife DID get the job).


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