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Google Hangouts as a Podcasting Solution – Ray Ortega


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School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

David Jackson

Rocky River, Oh

Description: Featuring tips and insights into podcasting, as well as interviews with those involved with Podcast related products.

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Google Hangouts as a Podcasting Solution – Ray Ortega

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Why You Should Never Worry About Your “Competition”

I was thinking twice about recording an episode about the stats from the Podcast Awards. My friend Daniel J Lewis of the Audacity to Podcast had done an episode, and some other podcasts about podcasting had also covered this topic. I decided to give my side of the story, and I’m glad I did. After all, just because I listen to every podcast about podcasting – doesn’t mean my audience does. Judi from had this to say

“Dave, you mentioned in this podcast about talking on the same topics as other podcasters. Thank you for continuing on to cover those topics because I don’t listen to -another podcast -. His voice and humor annoys me. Although I am sure he is very intelligent on his niche, I choose not to subscribe.
You have a different style and take on things which is very vocally “animated” and this keeps it interesting. However, (other podcaster #2) goes over too many intricate details and loses my attention.
So I wanted to say that I appreciate that you tell us just what we need to know without going over our heads.”

Keep in mind every night people on the news deliver the same stories and yet people have their favorites. This can be tough to swallow as you may not be someone’s favorite. I’m sure some people don’t like me. Maybe I’m to spastic, and I occasionally bounce from idea to idea. That’s fine, because my style will be what other people are looking for. Just remember you can’t please everyone. Just be yourself.

A Google Hangout is an online meeting that can have up to 10 people participating at a time. A Google event is a notice of something (meeting, etc) at a certain date and time. Hangouts that are “On Air” are streamed live to whoever wants to watch. The best thing is they are free to use.

Transcribing Your Podcast? Here is a Way to “Hide” Some of that Content

David Peach has a tip on a great WordPress plugin that allows you to include content on your site so Google can find it, but hide some of the text unless someone clicks on it to view it. Dave is using the WP Spoiler plugin.If you want to learn sign language, check out Dave’s podcast at

Getting Rid of Mouth Noises When You Podcast

Mike Russel from Music Radio Creative has a tip on losing those mouth noises. These include:

1. Stay hydrated
2. Avoid fizzy soda.
3. Eat a Green Apple (Green, not Red, Yellow, etc)
4. Use a Pop Filter and don’t talk directly into the microphone.

Using Google Hangouts as a Podcast Creation Tool

Today we talk with Ray Ortega who does the Podcasters Roundtable along with the Podcaster’s Studio. Ray provided some tips on the “behind the scenes of the Podcasters Roundtable.”

1. Google Hangout is an online meeting between (up to) 10 people. When these are “On Air” they can be seen by everyone as they are streamed live.
2. You want to go into your settings and change the audio setting from “Voice” to “Studio” which will improve the audio quality.
3. The invitation to the event is an invitation to watch.
4. The invitation to the Hangout is an invitation to participate in the Hang Out
5. When a Hangout is happening, it’s not streaming until you click on “Broadcasting” button.
6. When its over the recording of your hangout is available for download. You can download that video and extract the audio out of the video.

If you are looking for step by step you can watch Google Hangout Videos Here.

Is this Podcast Too Long?

Recently I started making these episodes longer (from around 20 minutes to around 45 minutes). I wanted to check with my audience. Would you prefer the original 20 minute podcast?

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