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Podcasting Statistics From Todd Cochran – Stitchers News


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School of Podcasting's Morning Announcements

David Jackson

Rocky River, Oh

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Podcasting Statistics From Todd Cochran – Stitchers News

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Todd Cochran wrote the very first book on podcasting is the head of Raw Voice (the company behind the podcasting community.) As Todd announced the slate of podcasts for the Podcast Awards, he also shared some great stats as the analyzed all the nominees. Here are some things to consider:

1. If you want to interact with your audience you need to have all channels of communication open. This includes email, comments, voicemail, and audio comments.

2. If you are podcast at a schedule that is less than weekly, you’re audience is going to grow slower than those who are podcasting weekly. If you podcast more than once a week you will grow even faster.

3. Publishers that provide audio, video, and blog grow even faster.

4. You need to have a way for people to consume your content via iPads and other iOs devices.

5. Blog Talk Radio provides horrible audio.

How Do These Podcast Mistakes Happen?

Many times we add one more thing to our website, then one more thing, and finally one more thing. Eventually we end up with what I call “Front Page Creep” where you forget what your TRUE mission of your website is (iTunes subscribers, email list growth, downloads, etc) you need to pick ONE and focus on that action.  However, we get impressed with the latest great tech toys and we end up with clutter one the website.

Some people are confused that youtube and soundcloud are podcasting solutions. They are not (see video)

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My article is about what podcasting equipment I recommend. It’s based on some of the material I have on this website.

For more information go to


Stitcher Now Has a Desktop Version

Stitcher now has a desktop version that you can log into. This allows you to listen on your smart phone, your iPad, and now your desktop. For me, I was able to add podcasts to listen to on my Wife’s iPad, then listen on my Android phone in the car, and get into work and listen on my computer and pick up right where I left off. This is pretty cool.

Stitcher also has a tool now that allows you to put a player on your website.

Looking at my Stitcher stats 12-15% of my audience is now coming from Stitcher. You can sign up at

If you’re new to Stitcher, use the activation code davej and be entered into a drawing for $100

Podcast Awards Voting Recommendations

Smart Passive Income
Livelihood Show
The Ramen Noondle
The Audacity to Podcast
The Once Podcast
The Other Side of Live
Jillian Michaels Podcast
No Agenda Show
Who Dey Weekly
Amateur Traveler Podcast
WDW Radio

Vote at

Are you discovering podcasts at the Podcast Awards?

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