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Show 367.0: The Caching Spectrum


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PodCacher: Geocaching Goodness

Sonny and Sandy Portacio: Geocachers, Podcasters and Entertainers

San Diego, California

Description: Geocaching Goodness

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Show 367.0: The Caching Spectrum

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On our geocaching podcast today, we’ll discuss listener questions from both ends of the caching spectrum.

We also have some audio from an “Epic Caching Day”, egg tapping in Switzerland, a very interesting photography project coming up in May, a report from the Quebec Geocaching Association, the world’s shortest caching event and much more.

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Links mentioned in the show
Probably the World’s Shortest Event – 23:59:60
Ready Your Watch: The Leap Second Is Coming

Egg tapping – according to Wikipedia
Eidg. Flashmob – Egg tapping flash mob in Switzerland
Video from a local news station: (starting at 3:10)

ADAY.org – historic photography challenge
Quebec Geocaching Association
Quebec Geocaching Association GPS Little Museum

Paperless geocaching at Cacheopedia
List of Premium Member benefits at Geocaching.com

MOGA 2012 Cache Page
MOGA 2012 Website and Information
GeoWoodstock X Cache Page
Geowoodstock X Website

GeoKu Contest ENTRY FORM

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