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Pleiadian Network Vernal Equinox Channeling

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Good Morning. We are here. Give us a moment...

We are on the 20th of March, 2012. It is the day of equinox. Where to begin today. So much is going on within the earth sphere Terra t...

Pleiadian Spring Equinox 2011: The Light and Dark Must Work Together

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The Pleiadians discuss how:

Equinoxes are a day of balance, when the light and dark balance out and why these contrasts are not wrong, evil, or broken.

Things at this time that you might think of as chaotic are coming into balance...

Equinox Full Moon: Dancing on the stage of life

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Why the brighter moon tells you that the sun is going through an energy up-grade, translating to all of the planets.

How a tide of energy is washing up on the shores of the Solar System that is natural, seasonal, and well known by those picking up on the energy...

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