Playlist Mix Podcast

Playlist Mix Podcast

Ken McGuire

Description: The Playlist Mix Podcast - The very best of new independent and podsafe music from Ireland, the UK, US, Canada and more. Indie, progressive, electronica, rock, downtempo.

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Playlist Mix #54

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Sundays come around too regularly at this stage of the proceedings. We’re just off two back-to-back short weeks, or at least I think they were back-to-back short weeks anyway as the days appear to be flying. We hit the 19th of April for 2009 and the 54th Playlist Mix podcast. While next week&#...

Playlist Mix #53

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Sunday rolls right ’round again so it’s time for another helping of the Playlist Mix. It’s also Easter Sunday here (and pretty much everywhere else for that matter), time to stuff yourself with chocolate, enjoy an extra day or two out of the office and generally chill out. That...

Playlist Mix #52

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We’re back on track for another Sunday! Last week saw a handy spin in a plane all the way to Amsterdam with the best of intentions of getting show 52 out from Amsterdam last Sunday. As it happens, well, it didn’t happen, so now you’ve got the 52nd podcast for Sunday April 5th, 200...

Playlist Mix #51

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We’re trucking on past the 50 mark and bring you Playlist Mix 51 with another six tracks from another six fine acts. Outside of the music world it’s been a great weekend here in Ireland – United lost, Chelsea lost, Liverpool hammered Aston Villa, Ireland won the Grand Slam, Bernar...

Playlist Mix #50

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The fiftieth (five-oh) podcast hits the web a few hours later than expected, but in making up for it, there’s an addition nine (count em) tracks for you as the Playlist Mix marks its fiftieth show with fifteen tracks for your listening pleasure. Tied up in the mix this week is a healthy balan...

Playlist Mix #49

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Aha, the 49th Playlist Mix podcast has landed. Sure enough, we’ve another six acts and another six tracks including a second one from featured band for February, The Funeral Suits, and a new one from Donegal-based Pavesi who you’ll be able to catch gigging in Dublin at the end of the mo...

Playlist Mix #48

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The first podcast for March brings with it six more tracks, five free downloads, four more featured acts, three promo videos, two new feeds and one tired host. Not a band countdown for tonight’s show, all things considered. With recent moves from Google to shake up the FeedBurner delivery of...

Playlist Mix #47

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It’s Sunday the 22nd of February and it’s time for the 47th Playlist Mix podcast. The acts this week are again primarily Irish (nice to see) with five of six acts from green shores and Graystar hailing from the UK. The podcast is available to download but will be replaced at some stage...

Playlist Mix 46

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Back for the third podcast of the month, the 46th Playlist Mix lands with a nice smattering of Irish acts for your listening pleasure. This week I’ve been listening to a host of Irish acts with new releases – Parhelia have just released their ‘Shifting Sands’ album and there...

Playlist Mix #45

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The second podcast of 2009 lands and the 45th show overall has another six acts for you coming in the forms of The Crash Moderns, That’s What She Said, The Funeral Suits, A Band Called Quinn, South and The Lions Mane. What’s more is that the new has launched. Tires will...

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