The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 31 – D*** Vision


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Description: No need for a cure.

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The Pixelitis Podcast Ep. 31 – D*** Vision

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Podcasting is a beautiful thing. Every once in a while, when a group of friends gets together on a weekly basis to talk about videogames, a phrase gets uttered that is so silly – so ridiculous – that it just has to be the title of the show.

On this week’s Pixelitis Podcast, the phrase that stuck out had to do with male genitalia. Which in hindsight, is pretty much par for the course. We won’t say who says it, but it was bad enough that it kinda derailed the show for a hot minute.

When Andrew Martins, Karen Rivera and Tom Farndon aren’t dicking around on this show this week, they managed to talk about more Xbox rumors, a Firefly MMO hoax and same-sex lovin’ in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

As usual, you can listen by hitting play right below. Be sure to tell your friends about us, like us on Twitter.

Show notes:
  • What we’ve been playing
  • News: [RUMOR] Production of Xbox 360 successor under way
  • News: Cheap, portable GameStick promises to revolutionize consoles
  • News: Internet fooled by Firefly Universe Online hoax
  • News: Japan gets browser-based Final Fantasy
  • News: Same sex romance and end-game content coming to Star Wars: TOR
  • News: Indie darling Fez to make the jump to other platforms in 2013
  • Discussion: Favorite controllers
  • New Releases
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Intro: “Shiny Spaceship” by 8-Bit Ninjas
Outro: “Parting Shots” composed by Paul Taylor (a.k.a.  _ensnare_)
Break: “The Ballad of Serenity” by Sonny Rhodes

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