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Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 15 - 4.9.13

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Thanos, Locke and Key and G.I. Joe all get discussed on this show. And yet Pete keeps quiet about his rash shaped like Lady Mastermind. Ramon says "nuts to this crap" and takes the week off...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 14 - 4.2.13

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Easter segments! Pete talks about a major turning point in Age of Ultron, all the cool variant covers to Guardians of the Galaxy, a sick new villain in Aquaman. Ramon reviews his massive haul. Penny discusses some of this week's cosmic comics...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 13 - 3.26.13

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New comics. New discussion. Same smell...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 12 - 3.19.13

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Pete answers the most common CGC related viewer questions. What CGC grade is acceptable for a silver-age book? Should you submit modern books to the CGC? How do you know which comic books will be valuable? Then Pete and Ramon review this week's haul. Plus, the aftermath of the death of Damian Wayne!...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 16 - 4.15.13

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It's Old Home Week as Adam joins Pete, Steve, and Ramon for a classic Pete's Basement roundtable! The boys have a hard time coming to grips with The Hard Master, as well as any sort of plot from Age of Ultron!...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 10 - 3.5.13

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Damian Wayne is the talk of the town! Our good buddy Hal Johnson drops by to talk with the boys about the death of Robin, the future of Batman, and shows off his own book, The Immortal Lycanthropes, about people who can turn into animals! The PB Crew has a lot of fun with Punisher War Zone, as Frank...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 8 - 2.19.13

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Penny joins the boys this week as they discuss the ramifications of the Joker's grand scheme as Death of the Family comes to its shocking conclusion in Batman 17. And of course other such books and plotlines are toiled over as the nerdisms abound...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 7 - 2.12.13

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Ramon takes a break to play in the snow while Pete discusses Rotworld and a few other books while Penny shows everyone her cool Heroclix collection!...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 6 - 02.05.2013

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Which book beat out Punisher War Zone as this week's Book of the Week? Which Basement Member never played a Zelda game? Is Steve dead? Watch and find out the answer to these and more questions Pete's Basement fans! Dedicated to NYC Mayor Ed Kotch. You did just fine Ed...

Pete's Basement Season 6, Episode 5 - 1.29.13

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Yep, segments again. Hey, it happens. Ramon tackles this week's haul while Pete discusses the wonders of ebay...

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