Persons of Note

Episode 8


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Persons of Note

Persons of Note

Description: Do you like finding new, awesome music? Do you like hearing attractive men talk about such music? Then by golly this is the podcast for you!

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Episode 8

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This episode Mike and John discuss American independence, celebration, and, ironically, a couple of British musicians.


10:00- King Charles

Tracks of Note: Polar Bear, Ivory Road, Coco Chitty, Wilde Love

41:30- Alex Clare

Tracks of Note: Relax My Beloved, Too Close, I Won't Let You Down

As you will hear in the podcast, Mike and John have a debate: Is "Blue" (think Gatorade) a flavor? Email us at with your vote and/or vote on our Facebook poll! 

Also, check out the video of King Charles with Johan Andersson that we mentioned via the link.

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