Persons of Note

Episode 4


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Persons of Note

Persons of Note

Description: Do you like finding new, awesome music? Do you like hearing attractive men talk about such music? Then by golly this is the podcast for you!

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Episode 4

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We're back! In our latest installment we talk about why birthday cake inspires existential despair and review Miike Snow's "Happy to You", The Tallest Man on Earth's "The Wild Hunt", and "Who's Feeling Young Now?" by Punch Brothers. If you're in a hurry, here's a short breakdown (with the starting minutes) of our format. 


8:00- Miike Snow

Tracks of Note: The Wave, Devil's Work, Pretender, Archipelago

24:30- Punch Brothers

Tracks of Note: This Girl, Who's Feeling Young Now?, Soon or Never

38:30- Tallest Man

Tracks of Note: Burden of Tomorrow, King of Spain, Thousand Ways

Youtube stuff-

Chopin Nocturne

Piano Guys

Shira Kammen

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