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Interview: Ross Crutchfield of Making A Homestead


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The Permaculture Podcast

Scott Mann

Description: Permaculture Theory, Practice, and Beyond

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Interview: Ross Crutchfield of Making A Homestead

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In this episode I speak with Ross Crutchfield of Making A Homestead, his site devoted to the projects and experiences of building his homestead one day at a time. Ross and I know each other from The Survival Podcast, which is dedicated to “Living a better life, if time’s get tough or even if they don’t.”

Ross learned about Permaculture through Jack’s podcast and Introduction to Permaculture Class (HS432/HS590).

Listen to Ross talk about the challenges, failures, and successes of improving his own piece of suburbia. If you are looking for a ways to begin changing your Zone 0 and Zone 1 his site has many hands on projects to get you started.

Resources from this interview:

Freecycle, where user’s give away items they no longer need.
How to Build a Top Bar Hive by Philip Chandler
Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply

He sent me a message after the show about a smartphone app that he uses when planting called Android platforms.


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