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PIR Talk Radio 02-19-2012

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Please enjoy this broadcast of the new PIR Talk Radio Show with hosts Kurt Smith and Bill Horton.

Segment 1 we talk about Grants departure from Ghost Hunters

Segment 2 discuss if babies are intuitive or not

Segment 3 New Australian Airport Security rules...

PIR Talk Radio 02-12-2012

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Please enjoy this episode of PIR Talk Radio with Hosts Kurt Smith and Bill Horton.

This episode includes updates on Bills recent investigations, A story of UFO sightings in England and Russia and much more.

Please join us live every Sunday night at 9pm est / 8pm cst on the PRO network...

PIR Radio 1-29-2012 show with guest Justin Wiswell

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On this episode of PIR Radio we have Justin Wiswell on live with us from Maritime Paranormal.

Please enjoy this episode as we discuss all aspects of the paranormal field with Justin to include a new topic about the Hatmen Phenomenom...

PIR Radio 1-22-2012 show

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On this episode of PIR Radio its the begining of a new ERA as we have relaunched to be bigger and better.

Enjoy this episode as Kurt and Bill go over what changes are going to happen and we go over the new format.

Check us out every Sunday Night now at 9pm est / 8pm cst on the PRO Radio Network...

Kathy Machowski - MN Beyond the Veil

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On this episode of PIR Radio we have founder of MN Beyond the Veil Kathy Machowski on with us.

About the group:

We are a small group of people investigating claims of haunted locations. Though it is rare, we have found in some cases the spirit lingers on after death. Proving that the grand spirit o...

Sylvain Henry - Chemtrail 101

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Mondays episode of PIR Radio we had Sylvain Henry on as our guest.

Here is more info about Sylvain:

I am a social media consultant, event manager and online researcher.

In my time off, I organize socio-business get-togethers where I chat with old friends, meet new friends, and speak on key social is...

UK Medium James Kemp

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Tonight on PIR Radio we have Medium James Kemp on live from England.

About James:

James is the Medium for Supernatural tours and UKPRS as well as doing charity work. He admits to seeing his first spirit as a kid and his enthusiasm for the paranormal has grown from there...

Nick Corey - Jasper Haunts

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On this episode of PIR Radio we have Nick Corey from Jasper Haunts on with us for a paranormal radio experience that was awesome.

About Nick:

Nick Corey

Founder/ Lead Investigator/EVP Specialist/Author/Spiritual


Nick has been drawn to the paranormal since he was young and...

Jeffrey Kimball - Northern Paranormal Research Society

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On this episode of PIR Radio we have Jeffrey Kimball from NPRS on with us.

About Jeff and NPRS:

We are a Paranormal research group in the center of New Hampshire. We have worked and spent much of our time in paranormal research and understanding on how things in our everyday lifestyle can effect or...

Nick Redfern - UFO and Nasa Conspiracies !

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On this episode of PIR Radio we have special guest Nick Redfern on to talk about UFO and NASA Conspiracies.

About Nick:




Pelsall Comprehensive School, Pelsall, West Midlands, England, 1976-1981.


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