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Money, money, money... What is it really?


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Patrick Donohoe

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Money, money, money... What is it really?

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Money has become a very popular topic, especially as of late. Considering we as an international community are trying to pull out of a US fiscal situation. 24 hour news stations, newspapers, podcasts, radio shows, you name it...we are being bombarding with anything and everything that has to do with money.

Often it seems that money - what it represents, how it is created and why we even use it - is enigmatic. Examples of this can be seen every day in the news media and public opinion.  There seems to be a very wide range of thought and belief about what money is and how it should be controlled, created, handled and used.  Patrick Donohoe of Paradigm Life and Brad Gibb, MAcc discuss many of these topics when discussing: What is money, Really?

Useful Links:

- International Monetary Fund

Federal Reserve

Foundation for Economic Education (FEE)

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