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Episode #90 – Happy Halloween 2013!


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Out Of The Coffin Podcast

Dan Shaurette

Description: Come out, come out, wherever you are...

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Episode #90 – Happy Halloween 2013!

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// NEWS * FRESH BLOOD - visit FreshBlood.co to find out more about the book, various sales and coupons, and more. * BLACK MAGIC - was on HorrorAddicts.net, will soon be on Podiobooks and for download as ebook on Black Friday. * New DRACULA discussion podcast with Tabz called "DracuCast". * Also, BTW, Mike Bennett is recording a podiobook of DRACULA. * Mike Bennett's UNDERWOOD & FLINCH returns on Halloween! // PROMO * Trailer for Gail Carriger's CRUDRAT // TV * Dracula on NBC - just a 10 episode miniseries - Has a companion web animation miniseries also, "Dracula Rising" - NBC will air a one-hour primetime special “Why We (heart) Vampires” on Friday, November 1st, at 8pm ET/PT. * The Vampire Diaries * The Originals * True Blood's final season 2014   // FAREWELL * Our intro music is "Alchemists Tower" by Kevin MacLeod's Incompetech.com. That wraps up this episode of the Out Of The Coffin podcast. Thanks for listening! This Blog and Podcast are © Copyright 2008-2013 by Dan Shaurette, under the Creative Commons "Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike" License. Some Rights Reserved. If you have any comments about this podcast, feel free to drop a note at OutOfTheCoffin.com/contact or visit our Facebook page. Or, if you'd rather leave some voice mail, you can call us at: (623) 239-2942.

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Episode #89 – Warm Bodies

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// IN STUDIO GUEST* I was joined by my daughter Alexandra!- We talked about Gail Carriger's new book ETIQUETTE & ESPIONAGE, as well as HARD DAY'S KNIGHT by John G. Hartness.- We also mentioned that production of BLACK MAGIC is coming along nicely, and once complete, I will be back to writing B...

Episode #88 – Breaking Dawn Part 2

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* See you all in 2013!


* Strigoaie: The Romanian Witch by Marc Vale


- Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2

- We reviewed the movie with my daughter, Alexandra.

- We all gave it an 8/10.


Episode #87 – Lexxx and Lucy (NSFW)

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* Chat with sisters and authors Alexandra (Lexxx) Christian and Lucy Blue.

- I met them both thanks to my Vampire Writers Anonymous Facebook page!

Lexxx Christian, the Southern Belle from Hell, is a writer of paranormal erotic romance...

Episode #86 – Interview with Jeff Mudgett

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* This episode brings my chat with Jeff Mudgett, the author of BLOODSTAINS.

* Also, following the interview is my short story DEAD MAN'S BOOK. This story was part of the 2012 Masters of Macabre short story contest held at HorrorAddicts.net. It was read by the lovely Lucie Le Blan...

Episode #85 – Hotel Transylvania

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* 10/11-11/3: Scorpius Dance Theatre's 'Vampire Tale' in Phoenix - Ninth Year!

- So beautiful, fun, dark, and sensual. Go if you get the chance. It is at the Phoenix Little Theatre, so there's not a bad seat in the house. Being in the front row was pretty awesome...

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