Out of Character

PGOC 168: Roleplay and the Law


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Out of Character

Jason Corley & The Pulp Gamer Crew

Tucson, AZ

Description: Out of Character hosted by Jason Corley & The Pulp Gamer Crew

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PGOC 168: Roleplay and the Law

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In honor of Police Week, we put out an APB on games that deal with law enforcement   We talk about the police as both antagonists and protagonists, about their changing role in history and the permutations they may take in the far future.  Along the way, we snap the cuffs on these suspicious characters:

  • Shadowrun
  • Mutant City Blues
  • Serenity
  • Vampire
  • Paranoia
  • Pathfinder's Cheliax setting
  • Scotland Yard
  • Murder City
  • Bang!
  • and the Star Wars, Star Trek, and Stargate franchises

Jason also points us towards a handy resource for GMs wanting to seem knowledgeable about the law: the West Academic Nutshell series.

From the fans: Listener Tim asks our interrogators how to deal with an in game interrogation that has gone too far.  And Listener TJ asks us to point out some other quality RPG podcasts, and we deliver:

  • Actual People, Actual Play
  • Yog-Sothoth Radio
  • The Game's the Thing
  • Fear the Boot
  • The Walking Eye
  • 1d4cast
  • D6 Generation
  • Gamer: the Podcasting
  • RPGpodcasts.com

We take a look at two new one-shot LARPS from Flying Monkeys:Godlike.

Big thanks to this week's sponsor, Offworld Designs, bringing you the best shirts in gaming.