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OFR 130 – Happy New Year 2013!


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Bluemanrule, Vladzhammer, Aceblack, VicJohUSMC86, TinpanAlley, TmoHOU87

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OFR 130 – Happy New Year 2013!

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Ace, TMO, Vladz and Blue welcome you to Ep 130 (Season 4 / Ep 6) of OFR and first show of 2013. We cover our Holiday break ups & downs, B.A.T., video games, Movies & TV, OFR GameNights on YouTube, Sports and Music.

Special shout-out to Vladz’s friend Saint~Paul who he recently found on facebook after many years. Check out very cool song ‘FaceBook’ from Saint~Paul at the end of the show. Go to iTunes and download the full album:

#letsgetit & #stayopen in 2013