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One of Swords Podcast 117: Very Few Tankadins


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One Of Swords

Dan Amrich/OneOfSwords

Los Angeles, CA

Description: One Of Swords Podcast

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One of Swords Podcast 117: Very Few Tankadins

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Vicarious Visions tells me how the team put it together and — most importantly — how to rock the score leaderboards. Hugh and Kat and I then chat about the new James Bond game, Hugh’s new movie, celebrity WoW groups, MW3 DLC on PS3, Dan’s signature song, V, arcade machines, Marvel movies, light-up keyboards that will not work with your console regardless of what was said on the show (see links below), and, uh, stiffness.

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Special Guest: Ben Throop, game director, Skylanders: Cloud Patrol

Co-host: Katrin Auch, graphic designer, bassist, photographer, light gun enthusiast, videographer, worgen mage, and inventor of Headshotmas
Co-host: Emmy-nominated writer/toy wrangler for Robot Chicken

Soundtrack: Amazon MP3, and all online music stores

Relevant show links:

  • Skylanders Cloud Patrol
  • MW3 Collection 1 for PS3
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • The Cabin in the Woods
  • Deck 82 – but I just realized the TG3 is a PC PS/2 keyboard connector, not a USB cable! The BL82 will NOT work on consoles without some sort of adapter. But something tells me the adapter wouldn’t cost $100…
  • Dan on Twitter
  • Dan’s book: Critical Path
  • Hugh’s book: City Under the Moon
  • Enter your own question for Stick It To The Dan
  • Write to the show’s Megamailbag

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