The One Piece Podcast (Basic – MP3)

Episode 250, “The Age of Simultaneous”


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The One Piece Podcast (Basic – MP3)

Raftel Productions

New York, NY

Description: A podcast dedicated to the Shonen Jump manga and the Toei Animation produced One Piece. We run down the episodes and chapters and rehash the old ones. Its made by the fans, for the fans. Send us feedback or just listen.

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Episode 250, “The Age of Simultaneous”

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On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we have a very special interview with Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha editor Alexis Kirsch and Shonen Jump Alpha and Misaki (@Onnabancho_J), Digital Content Editor at Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha as they talk about the move to simultaneous releases, probablities of global releases, forthcoming announcements, and of course… One Piece.


We have Zach, Greg, and Ed on the whole episode to go through Anime Episode 579, plus a Manga Recap for Chapter 692, “Assassins from Dressrosa,” and Chapter 693, “Die for Me.” We also have the News with Firecrouch, and some Piece Together!

0:00:00 Introduction
0:03:05 News with Firecrouch
0:24:23 Anime Recap: Episode 579
0:44:37 Manga Recap: Chapter 692
1:16:07 Manga Recap: Chapter 693
1:41:48 Shonen Jump Alpha: The Next Journey
2:23:07 Piece Together
2:37:50 To Be Continued

One Piece, Season 4, Voyage 4 hits shelves this March:

Season 6 of the podcast begins!

That’s it for today, we’ll see you next week with our Manga Recap of Chapter 694, Anime Recap of Episode 580, and even more surprises!

Download the episode below in AAC/M4A (Enhanced) or MP3 (Basic):