The Unofficial One Piece Podcast (Basic - MP3)

Episode 244, “Drop it Like It’s Cold”


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The Unofficial One Piece Podcast (Basic - MP3)

Zach Logan and the OPP crew

New York, NY

Description: A podcast dedicated to the Shonen Jump manga and the Toei Animation produced One Piece. We run down the episodes and chapters and rehash the old ones. Its made by the fans, for the fans. Send us feedback or just listen.

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Episode 244, “Drop it Like It’s Cold”

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On this episode of The One Piece Podcast, we have Zach, Ed, Steve, and Dennis (Ichnob) on to talk about some News, some Manga Recap of Chapter 687, an Anime Recap for Episode 573, Pieces of Eight — our merch and collectables segment, and of course some Piece Together.

Steve also brought us an interview he had with the great Sonny Strait (Usopp) at Youmacon just a few weeks ago, where they talk about Usopp’s role in Season 4 of FUNimation’s One Piece. Season 4, Voyage 3 is out this December!

This Sunday, November 25th at 7PM – 9PM JPN time, Greg will be on the golden-time Japanese variety show our Facebook page for ways to watch the show live! Don’t forget to tweet and Facebook messages of support that Saturday night (EST)! Greg will be on the podcast next week to tell us his amazing adventure and the amazing rematch against the editors… WHO WILL WIN!?

0:00:00 Introduction
0:05:50 News with Ed
0:13:57 Manga Recap: Chapter 687
0:33:17 Anime Recap: Episode 573
0:53:04 Interview Time: Sonny Strait
1:00:44 Pieces of Eight
1:11:43 Piece Together
1:24:19 To Be Continued

Hope you enjoy the show, and we’ll see you next week!