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Description: Fr. John Oliver's thoughtful perspective on culture, society and the Orthodox faith.

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The Essential New Year’s Resolution

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What are your goals for 2014? Lose weight? Save more? Stop smoking? Get organized? Fr. John would like to remind us of the one goal that surpasses all others...

Foolish Controversies

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Fr. John Oliver reflects on the importance of keeping justice, mercy, and faithfulness preeminent, as opposed to foolish controversies, genealogies, and dissension...

Reading God’s Books

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A talk Fr. John Oliver gave at a symposium titled "God's Books: Reading Scripture in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam" held at the Murfreesboro Mosque in November...

Our Words and The Word

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The words that come out of our mouths have a direct connection to the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us...

Black Friday and the Desires of the Heart

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Each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, shoppers and stores gear up for the busiest day of the shopping year. Fr. John reflects on what drives the passion for that day and how it relates to our quest for peace...

Advent - Bridging the Chasm to the Divine

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As we begin the Advent Fast, Fr. John Oliver reflects on the chasm that divides us from the Divine and the uniqueness of Christianity in bridging that gap...

Let His Enemies Be Scattered

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Fr. John relays a story about a Monk in Greece struggling with alcohol and relates it to the Psalmist's words and the words of the Paschal hymn, "Let God Arise and Let His Enemies Be Scattered."...

Intercessory Prayer: The Last Hope for the World - Part 10

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In this final reflection on the petitions in the Divine Liturgy, Fr. John gives some alarming statistics of those "in tribulation, wrath, danger, and necessity."...

Intercessory Prayer: The Last Hope for the World - Part 9

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As Fr. John continues through the litanies of the Divine Liturgy he reminds us of the quote, "we are saved together but we are damned alone."...

Intercessory Prayer: The Last Hope for the World - Part 8

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All around the world there are droughts, famine, and disease. How do our intercessory prayers at the Divine Liturgy on Sunday mornings touch the people impacted by them?...

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