The Breaking Point

#24 Matt Jensen is only a man (Ft. Jamie D from Child's Play)


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The Breaking Point

OnliveFans Presents

Description: The first episode of Onlive Fans: The Breaking Point. Host's Dafreakzo & Blades take you on a ride through the forums as well as cause trouble along the way.

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#24 Matt Jensen is only a man (Ft. Jamie D from Child's Play)

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 • Special Guests

o Jamie Dillion – Child’s Play Project Manager

o Matt Jensen – OnLive Community Manager

• Child’s Play


o Twitter - @CPCharity

o Jamie tells us about Childs Play and what they try to accomplish

o Since 2003, Childs Play has been enhancing children’s lives with the gift of gaming

o Benefit 90 facilities worldwide

• OnLive

o Will be at E3.  Fun stuff awaits!

o Tropico 4 added to Playpack

o Wasteland Angel added to Playpack

o Afterall Insanity going to be added to Playpack next week

• Other

o Journey, Flower, Flow Discussion

o iPhone Apps

o Sony & OnLive discussion

o Follow Breaking Point - @OLFBreakPoint and “Like”

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