The Breaking Point

#31 - Doing Sleeping Dogs


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The Breaking Point

OnliveFans Presents

Description: The first episode of Onlive Fans: The Breaking Point. Host's Dafreakzo & Blades take you on a ride through the forums as well as cause trouble along the way.

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#31 - Doing Sleeping Dogs

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TBP's first episode since OnLive's transition.  Get the low down on what the crew has been up to and what transpired with OnLive within the past few weeks.

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#30 - Milk Bags & Beta Testing Sausage (Ft. 2Dawn Games)

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This weeks special guests on TBP are 2Dawn Games, the company that is bringing you Ravaged to the Onlive gamng system as well as Steam Platform...

#29 - Assassins Creed Africa

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• OnLive

o OnLive launches in Belgium

o OnLive will be in English, French, and Dutch

o OnLive coming to OUYA

o Bridge Constructor added to Playpack

o Little Racer’s Street added to Playpack

o Wargame: European Escalation added to Playpack

• Other

o Amnesia Discussion

o Gaikai/Sony integration...

#28 - A Plateau is a High Form of Flattery

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You have all been waiting..tonight is the announcement of our new Co Host! Also find out if Godzpeed can pronounce Requiem...

#28 - A_Plateau_is_a_High_Form_of_Flattery

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You have all been waiting..tonight is the announcement of our new Co Host!...

#27 - Baby Steps

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In this episode of TBP, JeremyB And Godzpeed take you into a world where the impossible is possible.  What was once a reality..has now turned into a downword in all seriousness, TBP has suffered a great loss in this weeks episode and soforth, tune in to hear breaking news that wil...

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