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How Do We Get Rid Of The Most Incompetent, Lying President In History, And Save Our Country?


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How Do We Get Rid Of The Most Incompetent, Lying President In History, And Save Our Country?

When Barack Obama was running for President, he said, ‚??you will not see any of your taxes increase one single dime.‚?Ě He said this many times, so many times people apparently believed him.

In a stunning repudiation of this promise, his Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, and his chief economist, Lawrence Summers both admitted there is every intention to raise taxes on the middle class, and everyone else who pays taxes. On ABC‚??s ‚??This Week,‚?Ě Geithner was asked point blankly, ‚??whether it was right to suggest it is a matter of when, not if, taxes will be raised,‚?Ě to which he responded, ‚??It is absolutely right.‚?Ě

Geithner‚??s, and presumably, Obama‚??s rationale for the necessity to raise taxes across the board in the midst of the worst recession in modern memory, is to pay for the incalculable spending Obama is pursuing. Think of the logic surrounding this concept. Obama‚??s original goal was economic recovery. From there he went to revamping the entire health care delivery system of the United States. He somehow connected the former with the latter claiming on several occasions that without destroying the health care system as we know it, and replacing it with a government health care plan of his design, the economy will be beyond saving.

Extrapolate. The unemployment rate is the highest it has been in a generation. For fools and idiots like Obama and his staff, this means people are out of work, which means those who are working are being forced to shoulder an increase in the burden of government in direct proportion. Obama‚??s plan for economic recovery now includes increasing taxes on those same working people to provide something the vast majority of Americans do not want on behalf of a small minority of people who can‚??t afford traditional health care because they are out of work in a bad economy he and his people are making worse.

Have we missed anything here?

And if Geithner‚??s message from Obama isn‚??t clear enough, not to worry, Lawrence Summers, the National Economic Council President, appeared on CBS‚??s ‚??Face The Nation‚?Ě to reiterate the inevitability of his boss‚?? broken promise. Increasing middle class (read, ‚??everyone‚??s‚?Ě) taxes is on the table and ready to be served.

Pundits have long blamed George H.W. Bush‚??s 1992 defeat on raising taxes in spite of his famous campaign line, ‚??Read my lips, no new taxes.‚?Ě One wonders if the electorate will be so unforgiving when it comes to Barack Obama.

Given the incompetence of this administration and its Marxist/socialist ideology, there is ample evidence the electorate will see the breaking of this promise as a minor point in an otherwise catastrophically failing attempt at governance.

This is not community organizing, nor is it the place for a previously befuddled Federal Reserve bureaucrat or an ex-Harvard University nobody, an extreme anti-Israel (ironically Jewish) political operative from Illinois, a convicted radical extremist turned animal rights activist (or whatever Van Jones is into these days besides America‚??s pockets), and a nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court whose only qualification seems to be she‚??s a self-professed ‚??wise Latino woman.‚?Ě

We are in very deep trouble as a nation, not because of the economy, but because a majority elected someone entirely incapable of performing the duties of the Presidency such that we have not a scintilla of a chance of reviving it. How do we get rid of him in time to save the nation?

Some people have lately criticized the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. Most notably Bill Clinton who probably has dreams of still being president were it not for that amendment‚??s restriction. But we take issue with that Amendment for an entirely different reason. There should have been provision for ousting a president for incompetency.

It‚??s not that similar incompetents, buffoons, clowns, idiots, and really stupid men didn‚??t attain the office, but never did we have one whose goal was the destruction of the United States. At minimum, each and every president could at least lay claim to having the best interests of the country at heart, if not the capability of performing the duties necessary to reach them.

Obama is not a president humbled by the position. He is the only president to feel he‚??s exalted it. This is a president with a dictator‚??s heart and soul. Note the number of times he uses the word, ‚??I‚?Ě when speaking. It may be rather innocuous, but it is telling. Unlike other presidents who ascribe the authority and power of the office to the Constitution and the people, Barack Obama assumes it for himself. Such arrogance is intolerable. Obama sees himself as ruler, an altogether dangerous vision for a man in the Presidency to have.

Barack Obama does not represent us. He represents himself as a black man with an axe to grind, an angry black man who truly believes this country is no good and needs to be destroyed before it can be rebuilt in his image via his vision.

The 22nd Amendment should never be repealed, but it may better serve the people of this great country if it is modified to include language which would allow us to rid ourselves of an incompetent megalomaniac like Obama.

Higher taxes for the middle class? Of course, but that will be the least of our worries in the next couple of years. To stanch the flow of freedom‚??s blood, the people of the United States must vote Democrats out of office, not as partisans, but as Americans. Obama must be stopped, if not by throwing him out of office before his term is up, then by stymieing him in the Congress while we suffer the mistake of his election.

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