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CR #75- Jason Bateman, Steven Knight, and Gareth Edwards Invade Cinema Royale!


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The Notorious Steph/Juicy Gossip Hip Hop Show

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CR #75- Jason Bateman, Steven Knight, and Gareth Edwards Invade Cinema Royale!

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For Cinema Royale's landmark 75th episode we're looking back at some of the best celebrity guests of the past year! Locke director Steven Knight talks about working alongside Tom Hardy; Jason Bateman joins Cinema Royale to talk about his directorial debut, Bad Words; and Godzilla director Gareth Edwards reveals all about the king of monsters!  

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Our DNA carry the record of the challenges our ancestors had to face, yet these same patterns repeated today, often hinder our development and may cause us to act inappropriately.

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False Flags ands Martial Law | K7898

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Order a Copy -

Cure Stress -

Host: Roy Masters

Roy discussed false flags and Martial law.

Roy quoted Isaiah 30:20.

Roy discussed the new phone meditation service.


John is trying to help the meditation to work...

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