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Episode 364 - Contracted and Crooked House


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Night of the Living Podcast

erica henry

Description: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, but Carrie White eats shit.

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Episode 364 - Contracted and Crooked House

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NOTLP Episode 364 - Contracted and Crooked House Picture
Episode 364 continues the Made for TV Horror theme with 2008’s BBC miniseries, Crooked House. And Freddy reviews Contracted. Enjoy!

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Episode 363 - Zombie Massacre and Dracula

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We jump across the pond this week for our Made-for-TV Main Attraction, BBC 2’s mini series Dracula (it aired on December 22, 1977 after the series finale of “The Goodies”). Also, Kelley reviews Zombie Massacre AKA Apocalypse Z for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. Enjoy!...

Episode 362 - Gallowwalkers and Duel

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NOTLP’s Made-for-TV theme just gets better and better. This week the crew discusses Steven Spielberg’s feature directorial debut, ABC’s Movie of the Weekend from Saturday November 13, 1971, Duel. Andy reviews Gallowwalkers for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. ...

Episode 361 - The Haunting of Helena and Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

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Our Made-for-TV theme continues with our Main Attraction this week, the ABC Wednesday Movie of the Week from October 10, 2013, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. Freddy reviews The Haunting of Helena for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette. Enjoy! ...

Episode 360 - HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati Coverage

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Our semi-annual HorrorHound Weekend coverage is here! The following was recorded March 21-23, 2014 at the Sharonville Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is our first NOTLP/HorrorHound Radio simulcast and it’s a doozy of an episode, so here’s a table of contents to guide you (the times l...

Evil Dead Panel 03.22.2014

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A very special treat for NOTLP listeners, this podcast is the full audio of the Evil Dead panel from HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati (recorded March 22, 2014). The panel features a reunion of Evil Dead FX artist Tom Sullivan, composer Joseph Loduca, and cast members Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, T...

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