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Episode 378 - The Den and Psycho II


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Night of the Living Podcast

erica henry

Description: Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, but Carrie White eats shit.

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Episode 378 - The Den and Psycho II

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NOTLP Episode 378 - The Den and Psycho II Picture
In Episode 378, Andy reviews The Den for Straight-to-Video Russian Roulette and the Crew discuss the big 1983 Summer sequel Psycho II. Enjoy!

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Episode 377 - Misc. Debris and Listener Feedback

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In Episode 377 the Crew discuss Joe Hill’s (@joe_hill) recent bashing of H.P. Lovecraft on Twitter, read the news and your emails. Stick around at the end of this podcast because we’ve included Freddy’s interview with Mike Boudet from the true crime website and podcast Sword and Scale (previou...

Episode 376- Banshee Chapter and Joy Ride

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This week we wrap up our summertime horror theme with an unintentional Ted Levine double feature. Freddy reviews Banshee Chapter starring Ted Levine as “Thomas Blackburn.” The Crew discuss John Dahl’s 2001 Joy Ride starring Ted Levine as the voice of “Rusty Nail.” So, I guess you have to a...

Episode 375 - Almost Human and Dead Calm

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Our Summertime theme continues with a discussion of Dead Calm. And Andy reviews Almost Human. Finally, Millie the dog is a general menace. Sorry about the squeaking!...

High Five Happy Hour 1

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Join hosts Amy and Kelley as they share the things they feel deserve to be high-fived about. Music is the order of the day and guest Freddy Morris takes you to the American Tundra with his hi-5. ENJOY!...

Episode 373 - Misc. Debris and Listener Feedback

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In Episode 373, Kelley brings you the news, Andy reviews Pee Wee’s XXX Adventure for The Porner, and we read your emails. Also, the age old argument of what defines the horror genre is heatedly debated once again. Is something art just because you hang it on the wall? ...

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