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Notalotofnews Newshour

Jason and Erin

Description: 2 Pilots, 1 Podcast, 0 Clue

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Issue No. 59 – End of Line

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Thank you to Pukin Thank you to Jade Thank you to Black Huey Thank you to Fly Reckless Thank you to Gar Heade Thank you to Quazz244 Thank you to Erin And the biggest thank you to – you the … Continue reading →...

Issue No. 58 – Catching up on the Times

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Well I am revamping the intro and outro.  Sad news is that Erin and I are just not getting together like we used to.   Also I wish to personally apologize for not delivering the podcast on a regular basis … Continue reading →...

The Warded Man – Chapter 1

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This is a teaser for how well the folks over at Graphic Audio can make a book come alive.  It costs 14 dollars for 6 hours of fun.  The first book is 2 sets and the second book is 3. … Continue reading →...

Issue No. 57 – Hearthstone

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I this issue – I was given a beta invite to Blizzard’s Hearthstone.  And I like it enough to talk for 25 minutes about it.  Actually more, but I just start repeating myself. Great website for Hearthstone articles: and … Continue read...

F7C Hornet Coming Soon

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A quick look behind the big Hornet reveal! Continue reading →...

Asimov – Episode 8

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Final Episode.  Who is the Second Foundation?  ...

Aurora Brochure Released!

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Learn more about the 2944 Aurora lineup from RSI! Continue reading →...

Wingman’s Hangar Episode 42

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It's time for an all-new Wingman's Hangar! Episode 42 is all about Squadron 42! Meet Erin Roberts and the team from Foundry 42 and have your Squadron 42-related questions answered on Forum Feedback! Wingman's Hangar streams at 11 AM CST (-5 GMT.) Continue reading →...


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Hello and welcome to the first installment of LORE BUILDER, where we pick an unexplored aspect of the Star Citizen lore and develop it with the community’s help. Before we get to our inaugural topic, we’re just going to lay down a few caveats and references for our newer readers. Continu...

Letter from the Chairman: $23 Million!

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Star Citizen backers have reached another record-breaking milestone! Continue reading →...
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