Nobody Likes Onions

NLO 788: Harry Plotter


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Nobody Likes Onions

Patrick Melton

Los Angeles, CA

Description: It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm! Real, hilarious, uncesored talk about life, current events, pop culture and pet peeves. Nationally known comedians tell it like it is - or at least how it should be.

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NLO 788: Harry Plotter

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JOSH DENNY is in the studio, along with fans Josh, Sheldon and Rob from Phoenix. The guys brought in a ton of awesome vinyl decals that they made as part of their new business. They’re amazing, and they will all be for sale in the new NLO store. We talk about our adventure to the movie theatre to watch the new Avengers movie, and the disgusting people who were in the theatre. We talk about all the kids who are killing themselves over getting bullied, and how people get offended far too easily. Josh talks about his bang-maid, and we check out a cleaning service run by girls who like to get naked. Finally, we check out the latest video from a hardcore juggalo-wannabe, and learn that fan Josh used to be a big ICP fan and has a hatchetman tattoo. It gets weird.


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