Nobody Likes Onions

NLO 787: Taken Teeth


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Nobody Likes Onions

Patrick Melton

Los Angeles, CA

Description: It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm! Real, hilarious, uncesored talk about life, current events, pop culture and pet peeves. Nationally known comedians tell it like it is - or at least how it should be.

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NLO 787: Taken Teeth

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RYAN STOUT makes his return to the studio. We are talking about comedy a bit, and being offended. Patrick can’t find any pillows that make his head happy. We learn about a crazy woman dentist who took out all her exes teeth. Why is Allstate monopolizing all of Mayhem’s time? And why are there so many insurance commercials? We wonder why Amsterdam is doing away with weed for tourists when it probably makes their entire economy go ’round. Why is the rice from Chinese restaurants so hard? And what’s with the packaging? A kid in jail for five days with no food or water thinks it’s smart to do meth. Buy your tickets for New York, and start saving for London!


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