Nobody Likes Onions

NLO 786: Age of Aquarius


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Nobody Likes Onions

Patrick Melton

Los Angeles, CA

Description: It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm! Real, hilarious, uncesored talk about life, current events, pop culture and pet peeves. Nationally known comedians tell it like it is - or at least how it should be.

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NLO 786: Age of Aquarius

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KEN BARNARD is in the studio, with fan Chris G. Patrick is back from Florida and has tons of stories about the flights and hotel he was staying in. He calls the hotel to try to get to the bottom of their issues, but only gets met with indifference. We watch a video that tries to pontificate on where we go when we die. Patrick gets a crazy religious letter in the mail and a prayer rug. The prayer rug is actually just a piece of cheap paper. We draw all over Jesus’ face. There’s some technical difficulties, that could be Jesus showing us his awesome power. But it was probably just an internet outage. Christian comedians aren’t funny and we prove it by watching unbearable crap from a God comic.


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