Nobody Likes Onions

NLO 777: False Alarm


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Nobody Likes Onions

Patrick Melton

Los Angeles, CA

Description: It's like taking a cold shower in sarcasm! Real, hilarious, uncesored talk about life, current events, pop culture and pet peeves. Nationally known comedians tell it like it is - or at least how it should be.

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NLO 777: False Alarm

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What an awesome fun show today! CORNELL REID, TESS BARKER, and SCOTT BOWSER are in the studio and we are talking about so much it will make your head spin. Patrick loves hot showers and doesn’t care who knows it. Some nerd fans is calling in to plug an NLO Team Fortress 2 match. We have an extensive discussion about sex toys, real and fictional, and the shame associated with using them. Tess gives some blowjob advice to the ladies – and men. Patrick dodged a fire in his apartment on Sunday. There’s talk of high school stories and teachers that bang students. Cornell and Patrick went to Mike Bridenstine’s house to watch WrestleMania. Patrick tells a story about a girl who cried “rape”. We check in to Patrick’s hometown for a news story about a guy who loves killing bunny rabbits with his bare hands. Patrick didn’t win a billion dollars in the lottery. New York City pizza isn’t that good and it’s all in your head. Fans are loving Patrick’s childhood photos and they are photoshopping ridiculous things. Patrick shares lessons on keeping your balls fresh – it’s appreciated by the ladies!


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