Sermons at St. Nicholas

Sermons at St. Nicholas

Ancient Faith

Description: Each week, we hear the current Sunday sermon from St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Mckees Rocks, PA by Fr. Tom Soroka. Fr. Tom is also heard on The Path, available Monday through Friday.

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Growing in God’s Likeness (Mt 22:35-46)

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The two great commandments of loving God and neighbor are presented by Christ as the focus of all the Law and Prophets. Fr Thomas reminds us that in fulfilling these commands, we grow in God's likeness, accomplishing our original purpose. (15th Sunday after Pentecost/Leavetaking of the Exaltation of...

The Cross: More than a Symbol (John 3:13-17)

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The accusation is sometimes leveled against Orthodox Christians that they are "concerned with symbols over substance." Fr Thomas reminds us that both symbols and the meaning behind them are important for deep faith in God. (Sunday before the Elevation of the Cross)...

Orthodoxy: It’s Not About the Food! (Mt 14:14-22)

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Orthodox Churches are often culturally rich and sometimes churches hold festivals to showcase their delicious ethnic foods. Fr Thomas reminds us that, while there is nothing wrong with ethnic foods or festivals, we should ensure that our emphasis is on the Faith and that our focus is on Christ. (Eig...

How to Combat Apathy in the Church (Rom 15:1-7)

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Jesus issued a stern warning in the book of Revelation for the church which was lukewarm and apathetic: "I will spit you out of my mouth." Fr Thomas reminds us that every Divine Service we attend at church, we have an opportunity "practice" the unity and care that we're called to manifest every day...

Three Hallmarks of a Disciple (Mt 4:18-23)

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We can often take membership in the church for granted, wrongfully thinking it's just another organization. Fr Thomas reminds us that our calling is not just to be a member, but a disciple, a follower of Christ. (Second Sunday after Pentecost)...

Why I’m (Still) Orthodox [Jn 17:1-13]

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It's becoming more and more common today for some people to leave the religion of their childhood and explore other faiths. While Orthodoxy has recently gained a tremendous number of converts from this movement, admittedly, "the door swings both ways." Fr Thomas teaches about why the Church is one a...

You are God’s Unfinished Work (John 9:1-38)

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In the healing of the man born blind, Jesus heals not only his blindness, but also his spiritual understanding. Fr Thomas reminds us that just as the man born blind came to a fuller revelation of who Jesus was, we too must also allow the mercy and grace of God to heal us in order to experience Him i...

Having a Conversation with God (John 4:5-42)

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In the story of the Samaritan Woman at Jacob's Well, Jesus has a life-changing conversation with her. Fr Thomas reminds us that each one of us needs to have this conversation with God, which can ultimately lead us to put Him first above all things. (Fifth Sunday of Pascha)...

Encouragement for Holy Week (John 12:1-18)

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Orthodox Christians around the world will embark upon the most important time of the year, Holy Week, leading to the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ. Fr Thomas reminds us that Holy Week is our opportunity to experience the value of Christ above all things in our life. (Palm Sunday)...

Discerning the Will of God (Mk 10:32-45)

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While discerning the will of God for us is an important aspect of our life, Fr Thomas reminds us that becoming a humble servant of all in every situation will ensure that we are always doing His will. (Fifth Sunday of Great Lent)...

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