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Succeeding in Mask Management


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The Next Step

Fr. Vazken Movsesian

Description: Armenian Orthodoxy Today

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Succeeding in Mask Management

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Next Step #282: The Halloween Edition of the podcast on Armodoxy. In this episode - follow up to Glendale's restriction on free-speech - Fr. Vazken gets a call. All Saints Day and Halloween. Identity in a Global Community - delineating between ethnic and religious identity. Looking under the mask of our life and finding ourselves, looking under the mask of the church and finding Christ - the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life. YWCA and KFC - what's the branding all about? Great Treats in this edition!
Song: Aragil by Margar Eghiazarian
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Kinetic Update via Artsakh

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Next Step #281: Fr. Vazken prepares for the annual walk against Domestic Violence through the streets of Glendale & Burbank. Hear his thoughts as organizations and political parties turn their heads from the menacing and ugly realities in the community. Next - a discussion with Gala Danilova, fr...

Correcting the P-Correctness of "Jesus"

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Next Step #280: When Glendale (California) Attorney tells Fr. Vazken he can't use the name of Jesus Christ in a public forum it's more than an annoyance of political correctness. A look at the constitutional right and freedom to free speech, the separation of the church & state. In the spirit of...

Social Doctrine on the Shoe

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Next Step #279: Moving forward from the Bishop Synod, a look at matters of social doctrine. A review of "In His Shoes" as a philosophy and a natural solution/alternative to victim-based strategies of life. Holy Etchmiadzin's Department looking at Social Doctrine. Killing in 2013 - for baseball teams...

Disappointment to Purpose

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Next Step #278: The historic Bishop's Synod of the Armenian Church, took place behind closed doors as is the perogative of the overseers of the Church. Here's a follow-up to last weeks' look at the Synod, filled with frustrations for us looking-in, but also a wonderful opportunity to look at the Sac...

Business as Usual? Or Just the Plan?

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Next Step #277: A first look at the Bishop's Synod in Etchmiadzin, along with background info on the catholicoi at the dias. A special treat for listeners with a uncovered gift to celebrate Fr. Vazken's anniversary. The evolution and synthesis of Armenian and Orthodoxy toward Armodoxy, in this editi...

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