New Books in Russia and Eurasian Studies

New Books in Russia and Eurasian Studies

Sean Guillory

Description: Discussions with Scholars of Russia and Eurasia about their New Books

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Ivo Mijnssen, “The Quest for an Ideal Youth in Putin’s Russia I: Back To Our Future! History, Modernity, and Patriotism According to Nashi, 2005-2013″

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The Soviet Union once boasted of its unparalleled political participation among youth. Belonging to outwardly political organizations, these Octobrists, Pioneers, and Komsomoltsy often represented the spirit of Soviet youth. They were engaged, well-informed, and enthusiastic about their country. In...

Anne Gorsuch , “All This is Your World: Soviet Tourism at Home and Abroad After Stalin”

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Thirty years after a trip to the GDR, Soviet cardiologist V.I. Metelitsa still remembered mistakenly trying to buy a dress for a ten-year-old daughter in a maternity shop: ‘In our country I couldn’t even imagine that such a specialized shop could exist’.” Well-stocked shops, attractive cafes...

Stephen Collier, “Post-Soviet Social: Neoliberalism, Modernity, Biopolitics”

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Pipes matter. That’s right: pipes. Anyone who has spent time in Russia knows that the hulkish cylinders that snake throughout its cities are the lifeblood of urban space, linking apartment block after apartment block into a centralized network. But pipes are more than tentacles that form the Russi...

Daniel Treisman, “The Return: Russia’s Journey from Gorbachev to Medvedev”

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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, journalists, academics, and policymakers have sought to make sense of post-Soviet Russia.  Is Russia an emerging or retrograde democracy? A free-market or crony capitalism? Adopting Western values or forever steeped in Asiatic mores? Is Russia in transition...

Maria Yatskova, “Miss Gulag”

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In this episode of NBRES, we’re doing something a bit out of the ordinary. Instead of interviewing an author about his or her new book, we are going to talk to filmarker Maria Yatskova about her documentary film, Miss Gulag (Neihausen-Yatskova & Vodar Films, 2007), on the women...

Doug Rogers, “The Old Faith and the Russian Land: A Historical Ethnography of Ethics in the Urals”

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What are ethics? What are morals? How are they constituted, practiced, and regulated? How do they change over time? My own research is informed by these question; so is Douglas Rogers’. So it was only natural that I would be drawn to Rogers' new book The Old Faith and the Russian Land: A Histor...

Thomas de Waal, “The Caucasus: An Introduction”

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On August 8, 2008 many Americans learned that Russia had gone to war with a mysterious country called Georgia over an even stranger territory called South Ossetia. Both Georgia and South Ossetia were located not on the southeastern seaboard of the United States, but in a mountainous region south...

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