(No) Cure For Confusion

Episode 27: Here Comes Mr. Meatloaf


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(No) Cure For Confusion

(No) Cure For Confusion

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Episode 27: Here Comes Mr. Meatloaf

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This week we're back with a short show to get back in to the groove!  Enjoy the highlights and be prepared for "normalcy" next time!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Episode 26: Grow It Until It Glows

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This week we get all sixth-grade-art-class on you, check in on the latest hipster invasion, and find out what rhymes with HJ's.  Check it out!



Dog. Sleep.

Taser Oops.

Disney Wars...

Episode 25: Bronies: Patient Zero

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Halloween is almost here, so we dressed up a bit and made a holiday show!  Treats and tricks are just ahead; just don't get caught with your hand in the candy bowl...

Yahoo Hurricane Fail

Iceland Elves


Movie List

Zombie Exercise

Candy List...

Episode 24: They All Come Back

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We knock off the rust with a new bit, a little loss, and a backwards mentality. Dive right in!

Bad Van

Ladies.  Poll.


Episode 23: Sometimes We All Need Help

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This week's show explodes all over several important issues!  Mostly that we'll be taking next week off, so get your fix nao!

Arthur Day




Politics and Pregnancy

Tom Cruise WHAT?!?...

Episode 22: Gary Forgets A Lot

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This week we test our endurance and receive some Facebook love! Beyond that, expect pictures of The Hat soon! Jump in!

Bad Drinking Game

Teens Do Wat?


Guest Book

NMX and Nab Show, Las Vegas, April 2015