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My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 138


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My Take Radio Reborn-Episode 138

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Show Notes

MTR 138 clocked in at a little over 90 minutes but as usual we crammed all the weeks’ rants in effectively. Linda Hogan was shit on this week and we got some WTF Movie News as well.


As many of you have seen MTR is now running the 4.0 design thanks to the creative efforts of Erica Dion. If you would like custom theme work done we couldn’t recommend anyone better. You can see her work and contact her here.


We would also like to acknowledge Blaine aka Soiled from Born Stubborn Radio for making a kickass flyer for us that was given out at PAX East. If you are looking for some custom art you can contact Blaine here.


Intro: Fight As One by Bad City (Used in the Avengers animated series)

Outro: Expander-Cinder intro-Killer Cuts

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