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Opinions: Podcast Episode 257


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The Mustache Rangers

Aric McKeown & Corey Anderson

Minneapolis, MN

Description: The Mustache Rangers explore space and beyond in this free weekly serial comedy adventure sci-fi old time radio program. New episode every Monday!

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Opinions: Podcast Episode 257

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Mustache Rangers podcastOther people’s opinions are the topic of discussion in this Mustache Rangers podcast episode. Interesting fact. Did you know that everybody has an opinion? It’s true! Even babies are all, like, “what’s with all the light and the lack of amniotic fluid out here?” That was just translated with a baby translator, by the way. That’s probably why you haven’t heard about it in the news yet.

Some people say “opinions are like assholes, everyone has their finger in one.” Stay away from those sorts of people. They really know how to mess up a good saying. They’re probably mixing up that nursery rhyme about Little Jack Horner and that saying about opinions. At least, that’s our opinion on the mattter.

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