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Description: Musing on Warmachine, Hordes and whatever else tickles our fancy.

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Overload On Air Episode 15 – We Were Always a Retribution Podcast

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It's our one year anniversary episode! Finally free of Brennan's hypnotic influence, the Overload Crew run helter-skelter through a selection of the World Team Championship lists.


02:25 Anto Is Leaving, Hurray!

06:52 Ciaran doesn’t know what psychology is...

L2 Wargame: Warmachine Episode 11 – 50pt Bearka list

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Join Brandon, Max, Jeremey, and this week's guest Ryan as they create a 50 point list for Bearka (Epic Borka)...

Enter the Crucible: Episode 6, Grissel Bloodsong, Marshal of the Kriels versus Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III

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Welcome to episode 6!

This week we showcase the "Miserable Meat Mountain" aka Grissel2 and we put it up against Lord Carver. We are joined by Mahu, Clint, Mat, Carter, and Pirate Captain. We do a quick recap of the last game, and get into our next match up.


Time stamps:

00:00 - Intro...

Overload On Air Episode 012 – That’s DOCTOR Nerd!

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The gang's all here! Ciaran, Brennan, Anto, Siskey and Stu reunite to talk about SteamStorm, the recent WTC Practice Event, the burgeoning Irish meta and the merits of travelling, and doing your faction different!


05:30 The important cast members talk about SteamStorm...

Gunbunnies Episode 21

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News and Announcements the we have Brian and Andy recap the recent Mace invitational at one of our local stores Gamers Armory...

Enter the Crucible: Episode 1, Borka Kegslayer versus Grand Exemplar Kreoss

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Welcome to our first podcast! An actual podcast from Florida, specifically Orlando, FL.

This episode we are joined by Matthew (Mahu), Clint (Big Clinto), Adam (Pirate Captain), John (jmerc), and Jeff (Roguejm11). We discuss the basic format behind this podcast and discuss our first casters/match up...

Warmans 2.3 – Winning Cultures

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Bill, Brian and Jay discuss:


Winning and Losing cultures in warmachine

Jays MI cup dojo

Double warders are busted


JLF confession hour



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Timestamps; 0:34 Gazette, 5:00 Hardcore Battle Reports; 22:43 Chambered Round with our local Brian...

Gunbunnies Episode 9 Flanzer Cast!!

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Time stamps; Gazette 0:40, Las Vegas Open 11:02, Taking your game from local to national 26:50, Flanzer's community 34:50,  Trolls under utilized pieces 41:35, Cygnar 56:30, Avast! 58:58, Some Khador 112:11,  Questions to the hosts 121:50, Breaking the Format 132:06, Best in the World! 136:10...

Gunbunnies Episode 8

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This week we talk about our news, Striker 3, Exigence, Cephalyx, design space for each of those, and we have a Chambered Round with Brian our local competitive Trollbloods player.

**Warning today we are Explicit especially around the Cephalyx section...

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