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100: One Hundred Bloody Poidcasts


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Multiple Nerdgasm

Matt, Dan, Dave and Luke

Sydney, Australia

Description: An opinionated comedy podcast about films, TV, video games, books and pop culture. We love all this stuff so we talk about it!

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100: One Hundred Bloody Poidcasts

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Against all odds and our own better judgement we’ve made it to one hundred episodes! Thanks to everyone for listening, if you’ve been with us since episode one then please write in because we’d like to thank you personally on the next episode:

This episode is a segmentaganza which is a word I just invented to describe an episode that has a lot of segments in it. There’s also a bit of news and some follow up. But most important of all we welcome back to the show our own prodigal son, Dave.

So thanks again, we hope you enjoy this episode and here’s to 100 more!


  • Hotline Miami banned in Australia
  • Unhack: A visual novel with music done by Matt
  • How long will it take you to finish Steam?
  • “F*ck me in the ankle!”
  • Man smokes weed, sucks horses dicks
  • Shia dances with a 12 year old!
  • New Sasquatch sighting in Maine!

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