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91: Extreme Haunted Poidcast


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Multiple Nerdgasm

Multiple Nerdgasm

Sydney, Australia

Description: An opinionated comedy podcast about films, TV, video games, books and pop culture. We love all this stuff so we talk about it!

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91: Extreme Haunted Poidcast

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Rife with terrifying themes like summoning the dead (to ask stupid questions), survival horror games, zombie films, haunted houses that may actually kill you and the latest Shia LeBeouf news, this week’s episode is just in time for Halloween.


  • this one!
  • Zombie themed tag at Sydney Uni
  • Night of the Living Prequel
  • The roof scene from the worst (I think they mean best…) film of all time
  • Put this Christmas tree in your butt
  • What company would you like to sue?
  • It’s not just white people you can shoot in this game!


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We're back this week with a heap of video game news from EB Expo, reviews of films that are at least twenty years old and a titillating new game from Matt...

89: Kitten Lube

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Grab your new Fleshlight LaunchPAD, call Dave on 04XX XXX XXX and prepare yourself for another episode. However, if you haven't donated to our iSummon kickstarter by now, you probably don't deserve to get any alone time with any of us. We don't work for free, you know...

88: Fluid Soaked Rag

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You may or may not notice something missing from this episode. Spoilers: it's Dave. But that's okay because he didn't go to Oz Comic-Con anyway. If you are sensitive to the general discussion of trigger warnings, you should sit this one out...

87: Dead Sexy

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We're back and we've brought our Kickstarter campaign with us! If you're enjoying the show and you'd like to get involved then please head on over and contribute. We'll love you forever, or at least until tomorrow morning.

iSummon - The best Kickstarter project ever.

Link and stuff:...

86: The Ghost of Steve Jobs

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This episode was supposed to come with a Kickstarter campaign, but we're still waiting on approval from Kickstarter. Rest assured that as soon as it becomes available (IF it becomes available) we will let you know! We're sure they're just busy cursing themselves for not thinking of this idea themsel...

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