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Gina Murphy-Darling (aka - Mrs. Green)

Tucson, Arizona

Description: Mrs. Green's World Talk Radio | We don't tell you what to think, we just want you to...

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Green Peace On Earth

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Rolf Skar Director of Greenpeace’s USA’s Forest Campaign From protecting our oceans to protecting our forests to promoting toxin free living to promoting sustainable agriculture, Greenpeace is front and center on issues that impact all of our lives. Since 2007, Rolf has contributed to international Greenpeace campaigns to stop deforestation in the Canadian boreal forest, the Paradise forests of Southeast Asia and the Brazilian Amazon. Be prepared to hear about why the kind of toilet paper and tissue paper you use matters. Get ready to have some of the myths you might have in your mind about Greenpeace challenged as Rolf shares with us Greenpeace’s leadership role in ancient forest protection as well as their pioneering work with a new certification system called the Forest Stewardship Council. Skar will explain why we need to do logging, that we do it the right way, and that it’s sustainable for the future. Listen and learn with me! This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies. Download audio file (03-21-15_Greenpeace.mp3)

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Is Your Clothing Making You Sick?

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Consumers Against Toxic Apparel (CATA)

Patricia Davis, Creator

Yes, you read it correctly – toxic clothing. There is never a dull moment in Mrs. Green’s World and this show will be no exception. Want to hear about synthetic fibers and how the fashion industry deceives consumers? About gr...

Switch to Locally Owned Energy

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Institute for Local Self-Reliance – The Gold Standard for Building Community, Strengthening Economies

John Farrell, Director of Democratic Energy

John is widely known as the guru of distributed energy. He is best known for his vivid illustrations of the economic and environmental benefits of l...

Making Food Personal Again

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Nikhil Arora – Co-Founder, Back to the Roots

When Nikhil and his friend and now business partner Alejandro Velez, were a few months away from graduation at UC Berkley, they heard that they could grow gourmet mushrooms on recycled coffee grounds. Inspired by the idea of turning waste into fresh...

Meet the Food Babe

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Vani Hari, The Food Babe

As a child, Vani Hari had acne, asthma, digestive problems and was pretty much sick, miserable and unhappy. When she got very sick in her early twenties, she started to look at what she was eating and why she should care. As she changed her diet from highly processed and fas...

The Real Purpose of Business

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