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Gina Murphy-Darling (aka - Mrs. Green)

Tucson, Arizona

Description: Mrs. Green's World Talk Radio | We don't tell you what to think, we just want you to...

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Meet the Food Babe

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Vani Hari, The Food Babe As a child, Vani Hari had acne, asthma, digestive problems and was pretty much sick, miserable and unhappy. When she got very sick in her early twenties, she started to look at what she was eating and why she should care. As she changed her diet from highly processed and fast food to healthy, fresh and nutritious food, she got healthy and her life was forever changed. Vani used her new found inspiration for living a healthy life to drive her energy into investigating what is really in our food, how is it grown and what chemicals are used in its production. She is now an internationally known food blogger, best-selling author, and a major food activist working on all of our behalf. Her new book, The Food Babe Way, hit the bookshelves on February 10th and is already an amazing success. Join us to learn what industry and fast food giants she has on the run! This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies. Download audio file (02-21-15_FoodBabe.mp3)

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The Real Purpose of Business

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Deb Nelson, Executive Director, Social Venture Network

Listeners will hear about an organization that for the past 27 years has been dedicated to and building a better world for individual business leaders, organizations and systemic change initiatives that are creating a more just, humane and susta...

Magnificent Kids

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Kerryn Vaughan

Author, Singer/Songwriter, youth and wildlife advocate

Kerryn is the author of a book called Magnificent Kids, 23 Superheroes Who Are Changing the World.  In her book, she celebrates young people who are changing the world. They have each set up projects that help humanity, animals o...

Seeds of Change

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Ari Nessel, Founder and Board Member, The Pollination Project

Imagine getting up every day and deciding what individual or group you were going to give $1000 to to help make their dreams come true. Meet Ari Nessel. He and his team lead The Pollination Project. They believe in the power of ordinary p...

The Greening of the NFL

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Jack Groh, Director of the NFL Environmental Program

and April Trigg, Founder & President, Eventologie

“It’s not so much about how much of the problem do you create; it’s about how much of the problem are you willing to take responsibility for” is a quote from Jack Groh...

Mission: Food Recovery

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Ben Simon, Co-founder and Executive Director – Food Recovery Network (FRN)

This Network’s mission? Creating food recovery programs on EVERY college campus in the country. Ben has never been able to stand food waste and as the E.D. of the Food Recovery Network, he is leading the charge to...

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