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Gina Murphy-Darling (aka - Mrs. Green)

Tucson, Arizona

Description: Mrs. Green's World Talk Radio | We don't tell you what to think, we just want you to...

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Mad Cowboy

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Howard Lyman, President of Earthsave International
& President of the International Vegetarian Union

Howard Lyman’s testimony on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996 revealed to the world the deadly impact of the livestock industry on our well-being. It sent shock waves through a concerned and vulnerable public. This 4th generation Montana cattle rancher investigated the use of chemicals in agriculture after developing a spinal-tumor that nearly paralyzed him. Now a vegetarian, Howard blasts through the propaganda of beef and dairy interests – and the government agencies that protect them – to expose an animal-based diet as the primary cause of cancer, heart disease, and obesity in this country. Howard lets LOTS of facts get in the way. Lots to think about? We hope you join us. This show sponsored by The Fairfax Companies.

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What Does Sustainability Look Like?

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Greg Wetzel and Kelly Waters

Hear all about a group of people who are looking to the future of Tucson, Arizona.  Greg and Kelly will share with us what their vision is of a truly sustainable community. Listen to hear details about the big event they are organizing for October 26th at the YWCA. ...

Health is a Family Affair

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Stacey Antine, the HealthBarn USA

HealthBarn’s mission is to ensure that ALL family members eat and live healthier lives. They teach children (and the grown-ups who love them) about delicious, nutritious food and the healthy lifestyle that goes with it.Kids learn how to grow their own fruits...

How Clean Are Our Cities?

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Colleen Crowninshield,  Clean Cities Coalition, Pima Association of Governments

Colleen is a repeat guest to our show, knows pretty much all there is to know about how to make your city clean " fuel-burning clean that is.  Clean Cities (and Colleen) promotes the use of clean fuels and clean-fuel v...

Yum! Learning to Love Weeds

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Jerome Fressinier

Jerome is an Executive Chef, a thought leader and a game changer when it comes to what we will be eating in the future. I am not sure if I even understand Jerome’s vision and his passion but somehow it involves eating weeds – Eco-bioflora. Jerome will talk about getting...

We Eat What We Are

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Maribel Alvarez, Ph.D.

EVERY single loop in our social fabric involves food. We gather, celebrate, reflect and worship with food. From Super Bowl Sunday to Thanksgiving to bread for the Sabbath, it’s all about the food! Every day the meals we eat and how we prepare them tells a story about who we...

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