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Brainstorming Ways To Monetize Your Podcast


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David Jackson

Cleveland, Oh

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Brainstorming Ways To Monetize Your Podcast

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Today we are talking about affiliate links. What should you promote? Well here are some steps you can take to find (or create) products that fit your niche.

1. Make a list of all the products you’ve purchased yourself, related to your niche. It may be a recurring item you consume and replace, or a one-time purchase.

Make a list of your favorite merchants & brands, too. ALL of them.

2. Do you read any magazines or books on your topic? Make a list of those.

3. Have you purchased or subscribed to any services relevant to your niche?

4. Consider any other products, services, brands, books, magazines, etc that you would recommend to your target market – and why.

5. Pay close attention to what YOU purchase over the next few weeks.

6. Type your main keyword phrase(s) into Google and Amazon…

Also add things that interest you, things you’d like to try or buy, things you run across online, etc. Consider what you read, what gets your attention, products you’re using, etc, and keep adding to the list.

If you do this exercise, this will give you a list of potential topics, products, or sponsors.

List Tools

The more I use One Note which is Microsoft’s free tool that is similar to Evernote.

An Example of a Product I Use

The key is I use the product. I would tell my friends about this. I would recommend it to my Mom. It’s software called My Speed. It works on both PC and Mac. I know that on YouTube you can choose to play a video faster. But you can’t on Vimeo and Netflix. So if you want to take binge watching to a new level on Netflix check out My Speed from Enounce).


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