MOMBcast #167


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Southampton, Hampshire, UK

Description: Geekdom is the Monkey On Our Back...

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MOMBcast #167

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In the last show before Christmas, we Christmas the ass off the last show before Christmas. Also, we talk about this week’s comics.

Spotlight book: Fish + Chocolate by Kate Brown – buy it here!

Mike Georgiou… sings.
David Wynne talks about Hawkeye #5 by Matt Fraction & David Aja.
Kehaar talks about Bayou Arcana.

Show notes:
Mike Georgiou is currently writing The Mighty Jambo – Christmas Confidential here:
David Wynne can be found on the internet here:
Dissecting Worlds is here:
Watch Rush – Beyond The Lighted Stage here:
The Pillars Of Creation Aren’t There Any More:

Show timings:
00:01:00 Our Weeks
00:17:00 Mike Draws Sings

00:18:00 This week’s comics:
00:18:00 The Black Beetle #0 by Francesco Francavilla
00:21:30 X-Men Legacy #3 by Simon Spurrier & Tan Eng Huat
00:23:00 Journey Into Mystery #647 by Kathryn Immonen & Valerio Schiti
00:25:30 FF #2 by Matt Fraction & Mike Allred/Laura Allred
00:28:00 Avengers Arena #2 by Dennis Hopeless & Kev Walker
00:32:30 Witch Doctor Malpractice #2 by Brandon Seifert & Lukas Ketner
00:33:00 Where Is Jake Ellis? #2 by Nathan Edmondson & Tonci Zonjic
00:37:30 Captain America #2 by Rick Remender & John Romita Jr/Klaus Janson/Dean White
00:45:00 Saga #8 by Brian K Vaughan & Fiona Staples
00:48:30 David Wynne on Hawkeye #6 by Matt Fraction & David Aja

00:56:30 Awkward Middle Bit: Shelly Bond new head at Vertigo/Star Wars comic license

01:03:00 Kehaar on Bayou Arcana

01:06:30 Spotlight: Fish + Chocolate by Kate Brown

01:20:30 Our coming weeks