Cinefantastique Spotlight: MONSTERS, INC. 3D


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Dan Persons

New York, NY

Description: Film journalist Dan Persons (Independent Film Channel; Air America) takes you behind the scenes to meet the most innovative and intriguing filmmakers working today.

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Cinefantastique Spotlight: MONSTERS, INC. 3D

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Monster (voiced by John Goodman) and child (Mary Gibbs) form an unexpected bond in MONSTERS, INC.

And a happy holiday to you all! And once you’re done unwrapping the gifts and singing the carols and observing whatever expressions of faith you feel are appropriate for the time (if any), you may want to reinforce the communal feeling with a visit to the cinema for something the whole family can enjoy. In which case, nothing may be better than this past weekend’s re-release of MONSTERS, INC, the superb Pixar comedy — now enhanced, to a more-or-less nominal degree, with 3D — about a couple of skilled child scarers coming undone when a young target manages to sneak into their city.

Cinefantastique Online’s Lawrence French and Dan Persons get together for a reappreciation of the film, including a discussion of whether the addition of 3D hinders or helps the proceedings, and an examination the legendary MONSTERS, INC./FEED THE KITTY factor.

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