Dick Cavett on DUCK SOUP


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Dan Persons

New York, NY

Description: Film journalist Dan Persons (Independent Film Channel; Air America) takes you behind the scenes to meet the most innovative and intriguing filmmakers working today.

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Dick Cavett on DUCK SOUP

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The Warmongers of 1933: The Four Marx Bros. celebrate armed conflict in DUCK SOUP.

The late sixties had its share of momentous events: Nixon attaining the presidency; the manned moon landing; and most important of all, Dick Cavett interviewing the 78-year-old, and still blisteringly funny, Groucho Marx on his late-night TV show. So when the Forum Film Festival, we were determined to steal a few minutes with him. Cavett sits down with us and Forum director Thane Rosenbaum, giving us his personal reminiscences of Groucho, bursting the commonly-held belief that the brothers were released from their Paramount contract due to the poor box-office performance of DUCK SOUP, and, of course, holding forth on the crucial DUCK SOUP vs. NIGHT AT THE OPERA controversy.

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