Captain Earth 23 – 24


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Description: Where anime, manga and everything between unites!

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Captain Earth 23 – 24

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Captain Earth would make for a fun fighting game!

 Welcome back to the build up for the final episode and once again Skylion is here to chat with me about these two interesting episodes, but I had more fun with episode twenty four because it had a lot of plot of crazy things!




Setsuna finally reveals her Planetary Gear form!

I love this group shot~

This so reminded me of an FLCL monster or maybe DieBuster.


Hana is that you?

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Aldnoah.Zero – 11

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Leave the cards... you can play War after the war! 

The juiceboxes and sandwiches are cute. Jrow, Fosh and Sky discuss the assault on the UE headquarters to officially kill the princess and then the attempt to get to the landing castle.


Aldnoah.Zero – 10

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Asseylum has, what I can only assume, is a very important announcement...

This was late because Destiny is happening right now. Anyways, the OST and the endings are out now. Go get 'em cause they're fun to listen to outside of the anime, and I play "MK Aliez" and "BRE@TH//LESS" on the podcast...

Captain Earth – 22

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Daichi finally looks like a real captain!

 Welcome back to another fun Mini-TALK episode with me and Skylion! With only three episodes to go what are you expecting out of Captain Earth? Personally I hope they wrap up things soon with Puck, Salty Dog, The Ark Faction and the planetary gears vs Daich...

Aldnoah.Zero – 09

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He's on Cloud 9

On this week's mini-talk, Jrow & Fosh talk simulations that Rayet & Marito go through, what has caused Saazbaum to want to assassinate Asseylum and just why the heck Rayet did what she did at the end.


Extra Blah Blah...

MetaVerse Episode 47: Anime Pilgrimage

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Going to places where anime has taken us

Hey all, on this ep of MetaVerse, we talk about how some areas that you see in anime are modeled after real life areas around Japan. We do leave Japan at some point for a bit, not after shopping a bunch at Akihabara, and we also go fictional with some locat...

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