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Log Horizon 2 10 – 11


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Description: Where anime, manga and everything between unites as we take fangirling seriously!

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Log Horizon 2 10 – 11

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Raid leading requires a lot of attention.

I guess they don’t know how to cheese the raid like how people have been cheesing Crota’s End in Destiny. Fosh and I talk about William’s character development and how executes the plans of their second attempt at the raid.


 Hello and welcome back to another thrilling batch of Log Horizon episodes! Yeah we were a bit late but I hope you enjoy listening to our miniTALK~



That cake is taunting me!

William is hacking again~


Tetora is quite special <3


Shiroe solos his first raid boss?!

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Log Horizon 2 08-09

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The life of a raid leader is quite tough.

End game content is always interesting in any MMO style game because it gives you a challenge to achieve for every time, but how does raiding work in Log Horizon? Find out today!


Log Horizon 2 04 – 07

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Akatsuki takes a break from training.

 Yoooooooooooo! Sorry for the delay on Log Horizon minitalks, but stuff happens like the start of the new World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor which I am currently playing as I level my characters from ninety to one hundred! Other than that it was r...

MetaVerse Episode 50: So Bad, It’s Good

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Why Terra Formars is tough to watch in its current state, explaining our like of Cross Ange, and more!

On this episode, we talk about Terra Formars's excessive censorship, we piece together how we like Cross Ange despite it being bad, and more about our favorites and least favorites of the Fall '14...

Log Horizon 2 – 03

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William vs some giant freaky bird thing!

Raid time on Log Horizon! Fosh & I talk about the execution of the raid in Log Horizon as well as the guy that's looking to cause some trouble in Akihabara while the raiding is going on.


Log Horizon 2 – 02

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Time to get our raiding on yo!

Back into the Database for Fosh & I as Shiroe and co are set to get their raid on and we're introduced to a new and very energetic female character to hang onto Naoutsugu.


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