Captain Earth 20-21


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Captain Earth 20-21

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Ai drops in for some fun

 Welcome back to another Mini-talk on Captain Earth with myself and Skylion! Sorry for the delay on these episodes, but now we are super close to the ending of this series! So are you enjoying this so far?


 Extra Space Adventures

Shark-chan wants her own mecha.


Dat Valvrave crossover~

What a sweet ride.


Hana-”I will destroy the universe with my deadly powers.”

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Aldnoah.Zero – 08

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A Slaine in the hand... how much is it worth?

This week, Jrow & Skylion talk about Slaine getting tortured, everybody aboard the Deucalion getting familiar with Asseylum and Cruhteo's admiration toward Slaine's handling of finding the princess.


MetaVerse Episode 46: Mid-Summer Knights

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We're talking Summer '14 and much more on this ep of the 'Verse 

We're to that point where it's still too soon to be hyping up Fate/Stay Night UBW and all that Fall stuff yet, but we're crossing the halfway point with Summer, so the group talks about how Sword Art Online II is going, just how bad B...

Aldnoah.Zero – 07

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"Bat" & "Orange" teaming up

On this week's mini-talk, Jrow & Sumairii talk about Slaine & Inaho teaming up briefly to take on Hellas, the Earthlings discovering a new battleship that they'll be riding and the Princess' identity known to all on board among other things...

Captain Earth – 19

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Salty Dog really loves Metal Gear.

 I am back with Skylion to talk about Captain Earth! So this should be the last Hana themed episode for a while, but at least we can look back on this series and say that she finally got some character development even though I still feel that she is kind of borin...

Aldnoah.Zero – 06

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Don't you worry princess, Slaine's coming to get ya!

Although she might wanna ask him about that whole why is the sky blue thing. Anyways, Jrow & Kyokai talk about Slaine's escape, Marito dealing with what seems like PTSD, and Femianne interrupting an uncomfortable moment between Marito & Darzan...

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