Log Horizon 2 – 03


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Log Horizon 2 – 03

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William vs some giant freaky bird thing!

Raid time on Log Horizon! Fosh & I talk about the execution of the raid in Log Horizon as well as the guy that’s looking to cause some trouble in Akihabara while the raiding is going on.


I love raiding! Well I used to back in the day when I played the original Everquest and World of Warcraft! Nothing beats getting together with friends from all over the world to kill giant raid bosses for powerful gear and weapons, but how do they do things in the Log Horizon!? I can tell you from first hand experience raiding is not an easy thing to do…



Is this the secret love child of Nyanta and Serara?

My healer can’t possibly be this cute~

One boss down three to go…

I love the mini Shiroe ornament


Akatsuki needs a hug.

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Log Horizon 2 – 02

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Time to get our raiding on yo!

Back into the Database for Fosh & I as Shiroe and co are set to get their raid on and we're introduced to a new and very energetic female character to hang onto Naoutsugu.


First Impressions – Log Horizon 2

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Welcome back to the database!

 Welcome back to the Database everyone! Log Horizon was a very fun series back when it debuted this time last year. We wanted more, and we're getting more now! Fosh and I discuss the premier episode.


MetaVerse Episode 48: Hype Train

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All Aboard!

With the new season approaching, we tackle the subject of hyping anime. Normally anime doesn't live up to it and sometimes we can't help but be full of excite when anticipating a new anime. We talk about the anime that we felt failed to meet the hype, surprisingly met it, and debate o...

Captain Earth – 25 [END]

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Captain Earth needed more beach episodes.

 Welp congratulations on surviving Captain Earth! I am really happy that I got to lead my first Mini-talk series on Metanorn! Now what about this series? I guess I will simply say it as a decent Bones mecha series in my eyes, but I will refrain from recomm...

Aldnoah.Zero – 12 [END]

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Slaine with a gun + season 1 finale = people are going to get shot

Jrow, Fosh & Skylion are here to talk about the final battle between Inaho & Saazbaum and also give reactions to the final scene in which Slaine shoots some people and leaves us asking, "they dead for real?"...

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