MetaVerse Episode 40: Wild Cards


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Description: Where anime, manga and everything between unites!

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MetaVerse Episode 40: Wild Cards

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The new blood joins in to talk early impressions on the Spring ’14 season!

Hello everybody indeed! This is our first opportunity to hear what Skylion sounds like as he joined along with Jrow, Fosh and OC to dish on their thoughts about the Spring season so far, including some divided feelings on Irregular at Magic High, a decent pile of garbage anime, our opinions on the animation choices used in Ping Pong and Sidonia, and more! Enjoy the ep and feel free to let us know if we’re crazy to put an anime in the category we did, or give Jrow a proper episode rating, whatever you want, it’s cool!


News & Views

  • Season 2 of RomCom SNAFU Announced
  • Trigger’s next anime will be an adaptation of the Ninja Slayer lite novel
  • Attack on Titan will get a 3rd OAD ep included in the August 8th release of Vol 14 and will air on Toonami

Spring ’14 Early Thoughts

  • Favorite Characters
  • Garbage of the Season
  • We Tried, But We Couldn’t
  • Better Than We Thought
  • Our Early Favorite
  • Wild Card
    • Jrow’s: Brother/Sister Relationships in Spring ’14
    • Fosh’s: Hanazawa voicing 2 boys / Would you like to see another shounen anime get NOT’d?
    • Overcooled’s: Atypical animation: Ping Pong & Knights of Sidonia
    • Skylion’s: Healing Anime


OP: “Mayume Chasing” by BoA from Fairy Tail

Intermission: “BEAUTIFUL WORLD” by Joanna Koike

ED: “Bokura ni Tsuite” by Merengue from Ping Pong the Animation

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