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Description: Where anime, manga and everything between unites as we take fangirling seriously!

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MetaVerse: Spring ’15 – 02

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Black label, amazing eyesight, a love triangle, and tragically evil characters on this week's MetaVerse ------------------------------ Indeed, back here for a second week as Kyo joins me with some more first impressions and as I teased and you expected, some thoughts on F/SN UBW. Our discussion topic plays around with the idea of taking a main character out of the series and seeing if that could even work, who'd step up as the lead, etc. ------------------------------ Intro ("Brave Shine" by Aimer from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works) 02:08 - News Anime Episode Discussions 08:40 - Triage X 01 16:48 - Blood Blockade Battlefront 01 26:36 - My Love Story 01 31:40 - Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 02 41:30 - Topic: A World W/O Main Character-kun Outro ("Shiawase no Arika" by Local Connect from My Love Story) So Kyo kinda took the wind out of my sails with the Haruhi thing (or I just didn't fully understand the series), but I still feel my points on Haruhi could be understood and debated. Hope you enjoyed the listen, and at least I will talk to ya next week!

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MetaVerse: Spring ’15 – 01

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Soma's cooking, Bell's pickup chances, Isla's retrieval skills and Yuuichiro's escape on this week's MetaVerse


Hello everybody indeed, welcome to the first MetaVerse episode of the Spring 15 anime season! I'm sorta combining what I've done with mini-talks in the past w...

MetaVerse Episode 53: The Winter of our Content

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Scientifically Ranking the Winter '15 Fantasy Harem Quintet, the Anime within Shirobako, and more!

01:25 - News

17:51 - Fantasy Harm "Scientific" Ranking

37:24 - Season-ending discussion (Shirobako, Yurikuma Arashi, etc.)

The Winter '15 Fantasy Harem Table



Log Horizon 2 – 19 & 20

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Rudy-"Dude! Did we like hack the game?!"    Touya-"......"

Hooray! Time for a Log Horizon 2 minitalk on Metanorn! Sorry for the delay, but anyway! These two episodes have been very interesting with the reveal that some of the Odyssey Knights are not really happy being stuck in this MMORPG while...

Log Horizon 2 – 14

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MC-kun finally appears!

Hard Mode of Crota's End is coming, and there's a void handcannon with the same White Nail perk that makes Black Hammer such an awesome sniper rifle. DO WANT!


Log Horizon 2 – 12 & 13

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Nyanta the master of love~

The new podcast player certainly looks much sleeker than the last one. Hope you press play as Fosh & I talk about the end of the Abyssal Shaft raid and the Valentine adventures of Log Horizon and co.


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