Aldnoah.Zero – 04


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Aldnoah.Zero – 04

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Martian BBQ parties are AMAZING but dangerous…

Indeed, Jrow, Fosh & Sumairii talk about Asseylum revealing her true self to Inaho & Rayet, Slaine getting beaten with a stick, and why the Trainer Trio are the Earthling’s seemingly only hope against the Martian Knights.


Extra Yuki Doin’ Work

Yuki gives her seal of approval on dating that cute Martian

Yuki wants to punch some Martians now!

Yuki’s boobs are going to pop out of that shirt!

“This wrench just won’t budg… alright, we’re good here.”

Note the silhouettes in the new ED (click image for full size)

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Captain Earth – 16

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Captain Earth is now an Idol show! Hana and Akari will sing and dance for us.

Welcome back to another Mini-talk for Captain Earth with the usual crew as we talk about yet another Hana-ish themed episode, but we get more stuff with the Planetary Gears, and what the hell evil-puck-Kube plans to do nex...

Aldnoah.Zero – 03

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Looks like she's gotten used to Earth's gravity by now

This episode is the last before the Butcher hands off control of the story, so bye bye Butcher see ya later maybe in Psycho-Pass or Expelled from Paradise or whatever. Anyway, Fosh, Sum, Sky & I talk about the specifics of Nilokeras' armor, th...

MetaVerse Episode 44: Terror in Summer ’14

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What we're liking and what we're throwing out so far this summer season

While we weren't exactly at the 3rd episode of shows to apply the popular "3-episode rule", the cast got together to talk about what shows they're liking and what shows they didn't enjoy.


00:41 - Intros...

Captain Earth – 15

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Moco got dat body!

Are you prepared for another exciting Hana themed episode?!! I KNOW I AM! Jokes aside I think these past two episodes have done a fantastic job of finally developing her character even though I am sure most of us would have loved to see this happen a bit earlier, but better late t...

Aldnoah.Zero – 02

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Running seems to be the best strategy against the Martian invasion for right now

Indeed, a full house on this mini-talk as Kyo, Fosh, Sum, Sky and I talk about the reveals to things that happened in the first episode and how exactly the Earthlings are supposed to fight against a seemingly overpowe...

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