#Newspurge: Patience (Over Anxiety)


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#Newspurge: Patience (Over Anxiety)

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'Is the Economy Recovering for You?'*

Higher Gas Prices Threaten Economy If They Persist*
Gasoline Pushes Consumer Prices to 10-Month High*
Exec Slams Goldman Sachs In Open Resignation Op-Ed*
Energy Sec Steven Chu Retracts Infamous Gas Price Comment*

Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece May Be Found*

Video: Art Researchers Claim They Have Found Long-Lost Leonardo Da Vinci Masterpiece in Florence*
New Human Species Discovered?
How China Fossils Could Redefine 'Human'
New Dinosaur Discovered Through Bones Found In Alberta*

Tapped in Tampa?*

NBC News pulls Ron Paul's last embedded reporter*

Police State Updates:
Obama Executive Order Takes Control of All US Resources*

New York State Set to Add All Convict DNA to Its Database*

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