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Knight Inc Data File 3 Knight Inc


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The Masked Marauder Matinee » Podcast Feed

Caine Dorr

Description: The Masked Marauder Matinee

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Knight Inc Data File 3 Knight Inc

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As the production crew refreshes the matinee for our 2013 production schedule on the main stage we hope you’ll enjoy a look into the data files of Knight Inc. This week the employees over at Knight Inc. help us dive into the Knight Inc organization archive to investigate Lady Raven. Apparently its information plucked directly from the Commander’s private files which are examined in Knight Inc during the two week orientation of a new employee or ‘Pawn’.

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★★Thank You:★★
I’d like to thank Keith Hughes of Time Out podcast for coming through with yet another round of character narration at the drop of a hat. Keith is currently gearing up for his forth year in NANOWRIMO and we wish him luck!

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BJ & Busted Frog by .22 from the Podsafe Music Network☆

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